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This morning was all about poor planning which is actually very unlike me! I’m usually super on track and organized!

I ran 3 miles this morning 30:24, average pace 10:08. Slowwwwwww! It was my “easy run” of the week so I’m not freaking out about that speed but I gotta pick up the pace!

Here is my biggest take away from having the Garmin so far—training on a treadmill is pretty much the worst thing you can do. It’s good for sprint intervals but that’s about it. When I run on the treadmill I can run comfortably at 6.5 which is a 9:14/mile for at least 3 miles no problem but when I’m outside my pace slows considerably and I get so frustrated! But I have to take into account the HILLS that Pittsburgh is known for, and the weather (freaking humidity) and the stop lights and the uneven road, etc. But still, blah, treadmills are the worst.

I do love the Garmin though because I was able to just run around wherever I wanted and let it calculate my distance for me! I did a little different route because I ended at Giant Eagle so I could dash in to buy some Pam cooking spray! Haha, whaaaat?

Yep. I had the most intense craving for eggs when I woke up but I was out of cooking spray! EMERGENCY!  So I ended my run at the store, picked some up and cooled down by walking home. My shins are ok while I’m running but KILL when I start to walk, wtf. So I guess that means walking is just not an option during the race!

I came home and iced and then spent way too long talking to someone on gchat that I was running late and had to eat my eggs in the classiest and most environmentally friendly way possibly on the way out the door!

Then, I realized that I forgot my flip flops at work and wanted to wear my super cute favorite super high heels and decided to just give it a go and wear them on the way to work. BAD MOVE. It was seriously comical how slow I was walking.

So then around 3:30 I was staaaaarving. I had already eaten my lunch and snacks and the poor planning struck again when I had no back up snacks planned! I tried to avoid the pretzels since I’m trying the whole “whole grains” thing and ended up eating what I did have which was way too many almonds and an entire pack of orbit gum. Yes, I have a problem. So this brings me to a little dilemma….I have about 11 weeks till the race in which time I’d like to lose 11lbs=22 seconds per mile= 5 minutes off my race time! The problem is though, that if you count yoga as exercise, which I do, I’m working out for 2+ hours a day which is leaving me super hungry! And I have absolutely ZERO idea how much I should be eating right now in order to lose 1lb/week and still keep up my energy for my workouts. It’s a tricky little situation!

SO anyway, after work I went to yoga. I just went to the class at the gym instead of the hot power yoga studio because gym=free and I’m on a pretty tight budget right now seeing as I just spent an exorbitant amount of money on my garmin! This was the most un-yoga class I have ever been to in my life! I don’t even know what just happened! There was not a single downward dog, no vinyasas, no ohm-ing, just a bunch of the weirdest shit I’ve ever done. Like hanging upside down off of a chair and getting into super awkward poses and putting sandbags all over your body and staying there for 10 minutes. I hated it! So not for me. We did do headstands though which are my favorite so that was fun. After class I busted out 15 push ups just for fun and then headed home.

So that was today! Spinning, lower body workout, and a good, sweaty, hard yoga class on the agenda tomorrow. It’s almost Chicago time!!


I haven’t always been a runner. Far from it actually. I was always of the “can’t/won’t/don’t run” mindset. I think I even failed the mile run in high school by not finishing in 15 minutes. That solidified it in my mind, I just wasn’t a runner.

I stuck to the elliptical and bike for exercise during college but then I went through a pretty rough patch during sophomore year and after reading countless articles saying that running is a great mood-lifter with all those endorphins I decided to give it another go. I used to go out in my worn out $20 sneakers and jog for like 30 seconds and then walk for a while and eventually I worked up to a system of jogging for a song on my ipod, then walking for a song. I was definitely improving. Then I went to Israel for the summer and was having too much fun with boys and beaches to think about running–not to mention I was in the desert…not exactly running conditions!

I studied abroad in Spain the next semester and wanted to get serious again. I joined a gym and hopped on the treadmill and started off jogging for 5 minutes and slowly but surely working my way up to jogging 25 minutes straight. I was so proud of myself. The best part of that story is that I didn’t realize until months into my workouts that the treadmill was measuring kilometers instead of miles! I honestly thought that I had worked my way up to running 5 miles pretty effortlessly 😉 Oh well, it definitely helped boost my confidence and made me feel like a real runner.

I was hooked! I came back to the US and just kept running! Too much actually because at the beginning of senior year I was running 5-6 days a week and after a 10 mile run which I was not at all prepared for (I meant to go 6 miles but ended up getting lost! haha oops!) I got a stress fracture in my left leg and was in pretty rough shape. I eventually recovered (even though it still to this day hurts from time to time) and once I got home for the summer I signed up for my very first race! A 10k! My dad was there to cheer me on and I loved every second of it.

Since then I’ve raced in 3 10ks but haven’t been very consistent in my running schedule. This past year since graduation has been the biggest roller coaster of my entire life. I had no idea it was possible to be so up and also so down. My workouts have been all over the place too with periods of obsession with p90x, spinning, weight lifting, and pure laziness.

So that’s that! I still don’t know if I consider myself “a runner”. Maybe that will change after this race? I’ll keep you posted!

Two-a-days suck. It takes a ton of energy and motivation to put on your workout clothes and hit it hard TWICE in one day. But when you have a super fun bachlorette party filled weekend in Chicago to look forward to and have to get your workouts in then you do what you have to do!

So workout #1 today was Upper Body during lunch. Circuit style:

5 minute elliptical warm up

Circuit 1: 12 reps each, do entire circuit twice
Push ups
Upright Row 12#
1-Arm Tricep Extension 10#
Bicep Curl 12#
Row 15#
Decline Crunch

Circuit 2: 12 reps each, entire circuit twice
Tricep Body Dips
Military Press 10#
Concentration Curl 12#
Chest Press 15#
Assisted Pull Ups
Captain Chair leg raise

My arms were like jello by the end!

Here’s a little tip if you have trouble remembering what you planned for the day—write it on a post-it and tape it to your water bottle. I always do this and it works great!

Also, I was the only girl in the weight room. I think it’s funny when that happens, it makes me feel legit 😉

Workout #2 was after work….Spinning class! I was seriously dragging getting myself back to the gym. And then I faced quite the dilemma once I got there! See, my gym has free laundry service and I assumed that my clothes would be clean by the time I got back. Wrong. I have extra stuff in my locker so it’s not a huge problem except for the one thing I don’t have extra: sports bra. So I dug through the pile of shower shoes, spin shoes, exercise shoes, and 50 issues of Oxygen and Women’s Health and found a sports bra from ages ago. Want to know how old? It was a cotton sports bra. Size B. Ok, first of all, who in their right mind buys a cotton sports bra? And also B? hahahahahahahahahahaha. I don’t think I have worn that size since I was 16. Well, I didn’t have a choice so I squeezed into it and hit the bike. I somehow found some motivation and had a great workout! My HR hit 176 which I’m pretty sure is the highest it’s ever been during spinning! Love it.

Time to ice my shins and charge up my Garmin for my run tomorrow!

I am addicted to hot power yoga. I really think I’m serious. I need to do a little more research to find out if this is possible but it sure feels like it. I seriously crave it. I’m grouchy when I don’t do it and I feel a billion times better when I do. I love the heat and the sweat. I love how it’s such a good workout and hits every part of the body. I love how it stretches and stengthens at the same time. And I love how my arms are still literally shaking, making it pretty hard to type this post. Today was extra fun because we did a random burst of push-ups in the middle and I love those 🙂 Yeah, there is definitely something wrong with me.

Well, I did it. I went out and splurged on the Garmin Forerunner 305. I LOVE IT. It’s so beneficial to see my pace calculated for me instead of trying to do all sorts of crazy division in my head to figure it out as I go. Also, I can just tell that it’s going to be a lifesaver having the distance calculated right on my wrist as I go instead of preplanning my route on (which a lot of times isn’t accurate) and then trying to remember exactly where I’m supposed to go. This is just going to be fantastic. And it breaks out your pace per mile so at the end I could look back and see my pace during each mile along with what my average heart rate was. What a fun new toy!

Obviously I had to go try it out immediately and ran 4 miles this morning. They definitely weren’t easy. I blame my epic failure of last night of: still sick + 4 glasses of wine (even though it was against my training nutrition plan AND against the lesson I learned a few weeks ago about not drinking before running….) But I survived!

Now I have so much laundry and napping to do. Better get to it.

I’m sick.

Wtf. Who gets a cold in the middle of summer? Also, I never get sick. Seriously. I’m a germophobe and wash my hands/purell like 287943898 times a day and have always had a good immune system. I think in all of college I missed 1 class due to sickness. Obviously missed Friday morning 9am classes freshman year due to hangovers do not count.

But alas, I started feeling super achy this morning and attributed it to pushing myself too hard the past few months in my workouts and only really starting to take “rest” days when I planned out my training schedule. But then my throat started hurting and by the end of the day I was sneezing, feverish, and just plain miserable. And of course I have stuff going on at work that I don’t want to miss. Gross.

So instead of working out I came home and couldn’t find any soup so I ate pepperoni pizza while contemplating the article I read on Runner’s World the other day that said that simply losing 5lbs will take almost 10 seconds off your mile without doing anything else!

So then, greasy pizza in one hand and a pen in the other I did what I do best and came up with a list of my nutrition plan for the next few months. It sucks. Really. It pretty much takes all the pleasure out of life but if it will help me cross the finish line without wanting to die, then I’ll try to stick to it. Some of the real winners include: no alcohol (obviously not relevant next weekend when I’m in Chicago for Jenn’s bachlorette party 😉 ) no processed foods, no white carbs, and no added sugars. I almost included no artificial sweeteners because I know that they’re not good for you either but while I can go without alcohol, the thought of no diet coke or gum is just not reasonable.

So, yeah. It’s been a great day, let me tell you. I already need a glass of wine. If anyone would like to have a ‘forbidden foods and drinks’ party with me the night after the half marathon that would be just fantastic.

The good and bad of my run this morning…

+ watched The Office last night instead of SVU so I wasn’t as creeped out this morning

+ cooler weather, less humidity

– darker longer

+ got to watch the sunrise

– it was cloudy so the sunrise sucked

+ my legs felt good for about 3 miles

– my shins starting hurting during the last .5 mile and then were pretty much TORTURE when I was walking for my cooldown

+ i’m getting back into ‘running shape’ as evidenced by my more stable heart rate

– my shoulders and arms were super heavy and sore

+ that means my upper body workout yesterday was a success

– it was garbage day so it smelled awful

+ I woke up a few minutes earlier to have enough time to ice and stretch

+ I had my usual, favorite breakfast: oatmeal with flax. BUT WAIT! There is a secret ingredient—egg beaters. (you know I love my protein!) The secret is to stir the eggbeaters into the oatmeal while there is still about a minute left in cooking. The result is so thick, creamy, and delicious (that’s what she said). And super healthy!

So, in conclusion:

+ 8



I would like to official declare today “Awkward and Embarrassing Day”

Here is why:

It started off with some weird dreams last night where I was back in high school.

Then this morning the bus was even more crowded than usual and the driver was extra bad. I’m pretty much the worst bus-stander because I have little to no balance and at one turn I slammed into the poor guy standing behind me, he pretty much had to catch me and help tip me back to standing.

At Starbucks I was in a daze and tried to pay with my building ID card. This is not the first time this has happened. It gets more embarrassing each time. Clearly I had not yet had my coffee.

At work I was in the middle of writing an email, got distracted, then sent the half-written email, then had to follow up with a ‘sorry, I wasn’t done’ email, followed by the real email. Turns out, by the time it was all said and done the issue was no longer relevant.

Luckily the gym was a success! Upper Body Workout Day, Body for Life style:

5 minute Elliptical warmup

Shoulders: Upright Row– 12@10#, 10@12#, 8@15#, 6@20#, 12@10# superset with front/side raise 12(each)@5#

10 captains chair leg lifts between sets (40 total)

Triceps: Kickbacks– 12@8#, 10@10#, 8@12#, 6@15#, 12@8# superset with 12 body dips

12 decline sit ups between sets (48 total)

Biceps: Curls (standing on upside down bosu)- 12@10#, 10@12#, 8@15#, 6@20#, 12@10# superset with hammer curls 12@10#

10 elbow to knee crunches on bosu between sets (40/side total)

Chest: Press– 12@12#, 10@15#, 8@20#, 6@25#, 12@12# superset with 12 push ups

10 pikes on bench between sets (40 total)

I skipped back because I was running out of time and also because for some reason when I was doing my tricep dips my back really hurt.

Then on the way back from the gym when I was rushing around, frazzled, with wet hair I passed that mafia guy I dated a few months back. He was so uncomfortable and awkward about it and pulled out his cell phone to pretend to text and avoid eye contact and I just started cracking up and pretty much laughed in his face. It was so funny.

Then I got the hiccups.

And now I’m going to go get my sweat on during hot power yoga. Hopefully I won’t do anything to embarrass myself.

I was so excited for my run this morning, for some reason I practically bounded out of bed as soon as my alarm went off. Maybe I was just happy to get up because of the nightmares I had, directly resulting from watching way too many episodes of Law and Order SVU last night.

So I headed outside and it was perfect running weather. I felt really great the first 2 miles, strong, and even FAST. My mind was totally in it and it was great. Then out of nowhere my legs started feeling SO HEAVY. My pace was slowing way down because my legs were literally dragging. At one point I practically tripped over my own feet and literally said out loud “WTF Sarah, pick up your feet!” But it didn’t help. My mind and my lungs were doing great but my legs just were not cooperating! That all too familiar pain in my left shin was creeping up on me and my legs just felt like they weighed 300lbs each. It was so weird. I finished the 3 miles but felt like crap about it.

I’m a realist. I KNOW that not every run is going to be perfect. But, seriously?!? That’s just embarrassing. I can normally go 4 miles easily and 6 without too much pain or complaining, so I was so disappointed in myself that I could barely even make it 3 this morning. I know that the half marathon is still a long way off (Nov. 21) but runs like this just make me so upset. How am I possibly going to be able to run 13 miles?! Blahhh.

So anyway, I got home and iced my legs with tonight’s dinner!

So here is a really funny story! I always talk to my friend Alan about nutrition and exercise because him and his girlfriend are like super cross country running stars. And he laughs at how ridiculous I am with all my crazy protein and spinach shake concoctions etc. So today here’s how it went:

Alan: Make sure you ice after you run

Me: Don’t worry I did with frozen shrimp and veggies that I’m going to have for dinner tonight

Alan: Well I hope you heat them up before you eat them! 😉

Me: No, I eat them frozen. It’s better for your metabolism because it takes longer to digest.


Me: Haha, KIDDING!

Alan: I really almost believed you for a second

I crack myself up.

Yoga tonight was pretty much the hardest class ever. I think it is safe to say that I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I came home and Ali looks at my soaking clothes and hair and goes “omg, is that all sweat!” Yeah, that’s what hot power yoga will do to you. I should wear my HRM one day just to see how many calories I burn during a class, I bet it’s way more than you’d expect! I’ve been trying convince one of my work friends to go with me one time but the more I think about it I don’t think we’re quite at the friendship level where I’d want him to see me as such a hot mess.

Ok, time to go eat some frozen peas. Goodnight.

Mmmmmm, rest day. I have a feeling that as my runs get longer and the trianing gets harder, that the only thing that will keep me going during the week is looking at my training schedule and seeing the beloved REST. I’m actually not too sore today from the week like I usually am on Sundays. Maybe that Icy Hot is really working 😉

I’ve been tired all day because I had the hardest time sleeping last night. Want to know why? Because I had that stupid “I want to be a billionare” song stuck in my head and I couldn’t sleep because I just kept singing it over and over and over. Specifically the part where he goes “smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. (What up Oprah?). Oh man, it was brutal. And the worst part is that this isn’t the first time I haven’t been able to sleep because of this exact song! How annoying!

Today was mostly spent doing this:

I hate geometry, always have, always will. And I can pretty much guarantee you that in my career I will never once have to determine the volume of a cylindrical tube inscribed within a hexagon, or some nonsense like that. Oh, and yes, that calculator is indeed circa-1984. I left my fancy schmancy graphing caluclator at work so I had to make due with what I could find at my parents’ house, which turned out to be our ghetto-fab kitchen calculator. There were definitely bits of food stuck between the numbers. I can’t even tell you how many calories have been calculated on this thing.

Don’t you worry, I also did some fabulous cooking this weekend. In honor of my vegetarian sister’s last weekend in Pittsburgh before going off to the big scary world of college, I made a tofu meal. This is not just any tofu meal though, it is perhaps one of my all time favorite meals PERIOD. Vegetarian or not. And yes, it has tofu AND brussels sprouts which is enough to scare off most people, but seriously, it is amazing. Caramelized Tofu with Brussels Sprouts. Go make it. Seriously. It’s awesome. Don’t forget the cilantro because it really makes the dish. The first time I made this was a few years back when I was still a cooking novice and wouldn’t you know, I completely sliced off part of my finger cutting the cilantro! This was quite a problem because I have a mega fear of blood so I had to somehow bandage my finger up without actually looking at it. Then, for at least 18 months I couldn’t even get near cilantro because to me it just smelled and tasted like blood. Thank goodness I’m over that now because it’s great!

Since my parents were gracious enough to hand over their credit card so that I could get the ingredients for the tofu meal, I obviously took advantage of the situation and picked up some ridiculously expensive jumbo scallops for myself. Then I made Vanilla Scented Scallops with Creamed Corn Quinoa out of the current issue of Clean Eating magazine. Of course it was amazing. This is legit the best magazine EVER. Every single thing I’ve made from here (and I’ve made a lot) has been outstanding. I highly recommend it.

And now I’m going to get back to the Law & Order SVU marathon that has been on all day, how great is that! My favorite show ever!

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