I’m running a half marathon! On November 21st in Philadelphia with my friend Melissa!

Yeah right Sarah, we’ve heard that one before.

No really. This time I mean it. Mostly because I paid the exorbitant registration fee and this is not the time to be wasting money seeing as all my time not running is going to be consumed by this for the following months…

So, yes. I have claimed to be training for a half before. I had the most elaborate and wonderful training plan all set in place to run the Pittsburgh Half last May with DB. And we all know what happened there. So since you-know-who turned out to be a bunch of words that I won’t say because I’m classy, my plans were foiled. And then I said I would run the Philly half in September but it just got so freaking hot this summer that I couldn’t bear to run outside. And instead I turned into a gym rat and became the Hulk and was doing crazy stuff like 36 pushups and lunges with 20# dumbbells, and eating tuna like this…

and whey protein and disgusting bars and vitamins that make my breath taste like fish (I think I just solved the why don’t I have a boyfriend question!)

And now I feel stronger than ever and ready to take this on! I have another elaborate, wonderful training plan set up and I’m ready to go. Mostly I need to prove to myself that I CAN do this and I’m not a quitter. Because I’m not. I’m really actually very stubborn so when I say I will finish this race, I mean it.

Ok great.

Now the important stuff…If you, or anyone you know, lives in the Pittsburgh area and would like to be my running buddy, specifically for long runs LET ME KNOW! Most people I’ve asked so far are only interested in the types of marathons that are on TV, so I’m stuck. If I don’t find someone that will mean miles and miles of running with just me and my thoughts. Trust me, that is scary.

So that’s that for today. See you tomorrow.