Seriously. I hate them so much. I know that they make me stronger and make me a better runner and make me better at life but they just suck so much. I think it’s safe to say that I dread them. So that’s what I did today!

It was a lower body workout day which to be honest is my least favorite day. I like doing upper body because I can visibly SEE results there faster and since I’m probably one of the most impatient people in the universe I hate waiting for anything, especially results. For example I just thought back through my life to think of a time that I did not burn my tongue while taking my first bite of oatmeal. I literally cannot think of a single time. Ever. You probably think this is not true but really I didn’t start eating oatmeal until about 2 years ago because I remember when I was little in one of the Ramona books she ate oatmeal and then threw up and since I have an intense phobia of vomit I avoided this wonderful carbohydrate for many years. Until I grew up and heard how it’s great for losing weight and then the benefits outweighed the costs. So really I only had to think back 2 years, and I’m telling you, I always burn my tongue.

That might have been the most random story/tangent of my life. Sorry about that.

Lunchtime workout today

Body for Life Style:

5 minute Elliptical Warmup

Dumbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 12@12#each hand, 10@15#, 8@20#, 6@25#, SUPERSET 12@15# and Hamstring Curl Machine 12@30#

12 decline crunches between sets

The Devil Lunges: 12@8#, 10@10#, 8@12#, 6@15#, SUPERSET 12@10# and Squats 12@15#. I can and need to go heavier next time I just really hate lunges.

12 Captain’s chair leg lifts between sets

Then non-BFL straight sets 15 reps

Calf Raises 10#

Abductor machine 100#

Adductor machine 100#

Plank- 60 seconds

Superman-Banana (P90x style…basically rolling from back extension to boat pose)- 60 seconds

Then I took the speediest shower of my life and went back to work looking like a gem, wet hair and all.

Work Work Work…..

Then time for Yoga!

Mmmmmm, and life is good.