I was so excited for my run this morning, for some reason I practically bounded out of bed as soon as my alarm went off. Maybe I was just happy to get up because of the nightmares I had, directly resulting from watching way too many episodes of Law and Order SVU last night.

So I headed outside and it was perfect running weather. I felt really great the first 2 miles, strong, and even FAST. My mind was totally in it and it was great. Then out of nowhere my legs started feeling SO HEAVY. My pace was slowing way down because my legs were literally dragging. At one point I practically tripped over my own feet and literally said out loud “WTF Sarah, pick up your feet!” But it didn’t help. My mind and my lungs were doing great but my legs just were not cooperating! That all too familiar pain in my left shin was creeping up on me and my legs just felt like they weighed 300lbs each. It was so weird. I finished the 3 miles but felt like crap about it.

I’m a realist. I KNOW that not every run is going to be perfect. But, seriously?!? That’s just embarrassing. I can normally go 4 miles easily and 6 without too much pain or complaining, so I was so disappointed in myself that I could barely even make it 3 this morning. I know that the half marathon is still a long way off (Nov. 21) but runs like this just make me so upset. How am I possibly going to be able to run 13 miles?! Blahhh.

So anyway, I got home and iced my legs with tonight’s dinner!

So here is a really funny story! I always talk to my friend Alan about nutrition and exercise because him and his girlfriend are like super cross country running stars. And he laughs at how ridiculous I am with all my crazy protein and spinach shake concoctions etc. So today here’s how it went:

Alan: Make sure you ice after you run

Me: Don’t worry I did with frozen shrimp and veggies that I’m going to have for dinner tonight

Alan: Well I hope you heat them up before you eat them! 😉

Me: No, I eat them frozen. It’s better for your metabolism because it takes longer to digest.


Me: Haha, KIDDING!

Alan: I really almost believed you for a second

I crack myself up.

Yoga tonight was pretty much the hardest class ever. I think it is safe to say that I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I came home and Ali looks at my soaking clothes and hair and goes “omg, is that all sweat!” Yeah, that’s what hot power yoga will do to you. I should wear my HRM one day just to see how many calories I burn during a class, I bet it’s way more than you’d expect! I’ve been trying convince one of my work friends to go with me one time but the more I think about it I don’t think we’re quite at the friendship level where I’d want him to see me as such a hot mess.

Ok, time to go eat some frozen peas. Goodnight.