The good and bad of my run this morning…

+ watched The Office last night instead of SVU so I wasn’t as creeped out this morning

+ cooler weather, less humidity

– darker longer

+ got to watch the sunrise

– it was cloudy so the sunrise sucked

+ my legs felt good for about 3 miles

– my shins starting hurting during the last .5 mile and then were pretty much TORTURE when I was walking for my cooldown

+ i’m getting back into ‘running shape’ as evidenced by my more stable heart rate

– my shoulders and arms were super heavy and sore

+ that means my upper body workout yesterday was a success

– it was garbage day so it smelled awful

+ I woke up a few minutes earlier to have enough time to ice and stretch

+ I had my usual, favorite breakfast: oatmeal with flax. BUT WAIT! There is a secret ingredient—egg beaters. (you know I love my protein!) The secret is to stir the eggbeaters into the oatmeal while there is still about a minute left in cooking. The result is so thick, creamy, and delicious (that’s what she said). And super healthy!

So, in conclusion:

+ 8