I’m sick.

Wtf. Who gets a cold in the middle of summer? Also, I never get sick. Seriously. I’m a germophobe and wash my hands/purell like 287943898 times a day and have always had a good immune system. I think in all of college I missed 1 class due to sickness. Obviously missed Friday morning 9am classes freshman year due to hangovers do not count.

But alas, I started feeling super achy this morning and attributed it to pushing myself too hard the past few months in my workouts and only really starting to take “rest” days when I planned out my training schedule. But then my throat started hurting and by the end of the day I was sneezing, feverish, and just plain miserable. And of course I have stuff going on at work that I don’t want to miss. Gross.

So instead of working out I came home and couldn’t find any soup so I ate pepperoni pizza while contemplating the article I read on Runner’s World the other day that said that simply losing 5lbs will take almost 10 seconds off your mile without doing anything else!

So then, greasy pizza in one hand and a pen in the other I did what I do best and came up with a list of my nutrition plan for the next few months. It sucks. Really. It pretty much takes all the pleasure out of life but if it will help me cross the finish line without wanting to die, then I’ll try to stick to it. Some of the real winners include: no alcohol (obviously not relevant next weekend when I’m in Chicago for Jenn’s bachlorette party 😉 ) no processed foods, no white carbs, and no added sugars. I almost included no artificial sweeteners because I know that they’re not good for you either but while I can go without alcohol, the thought of no diet coke or gum is just not reasonable.

So, yeah. It’s been a great day, let me tell you. I already need a glass of wine. If anyone would like to have a ‘forbidden foods and drinks’ party with me the night after the half marathon that would be just fantastic.