Two-a-days suck. It takes a ton of energy and motivation to put on your workout clothes and hit it hard TWICE in one day. But when you have a super fun bachlorette party filled weekend in Chicago to look forward to and have to get your workouts in then you do what you have to do!

So workout #1 today was Upper Body during lunch. Circuit style:

5 minute elliptical warm up

Circuit 1: 12 reps each, do entire circuit twice
Push ups
Upright Row 12#
1-Arm Tricep Extension 10#
Bicep Curl 12#
Row 15#
Decline Crunch

Circuit 2: 12 reps each, entire circuit twice
Tricep Body Dips
Military Press 10#
Concentration Curl 12#
Chest Press 15#
Assisted Pull Ups
Captain Chair leg raise

My arms were like jello by the end!

Here’s a little tip if you have trouble remembering what you planned for the day—write it on a post-it and tape it to your water bottle. I always do this and it works great!

Also, I was the only girl in the weight room. I think it’s funny when that happens, it makes me feel legit 😉

Workout #2 was after work….Spinning class! I was seriously dragging getting myself back to the gym. And then I faced quite the dilemma once I got there! See, my gym has free laundry service and I assumed that my clothes would be clean by the time I got back. Wrong. I have extra stuff in my locker so it’s not a huge problem except for the one thing I don’t have extra: sports bra. So I dug through the pile of shower shoes, spin shoes, exercise shoes, and 50 issues of Oxygen and Women’s Health and found a sports bra from ages ago. Want to know how old? It was a cotton sports bra. Size B. Ok, first of all, who in their right mind buys a cotton sports bra? And also B? hahahahahahahahahahaha. I don’t think I have worn that size since I was 16. Well, I didn’t have a choice so I squeezed into it and hit the bike. I somehow found some motivation and had a great workout! My HR hit 176 which I’m pretty sure is the highest it’s ever been during spinning! Love it.

Time to ice my shins and charge up my Garmin for my run tomorrow!