This morning was all about poor planning which is actually very unlike me! I’m usually super on track and organized!

I ran 3 miles this morning 30:24, average pace 10:08. Slowwwwwww! It was my “easy run” of the week so I’m not freaking out about that speed but I gotta pick up the pace!

Here is my biggest take away from having the Garmin so far—training on a treadmill is pretty much the worst thing you can do. It’s good for sprint intervals but that’s about it. When I run on the treadmill I can run comfortably at 6.5 which is a 9:14/mile for at least 3 miles no problem but when I’m outside my pace slows considerably and I get so frustrated! But I have to take into account the HILLS that Pittsburgh is known for, and the weather (freaking humidity) and the stop lights and the uneven road, etc. But still, blah, treadmills are the worst.

I do love the Garmin though because I was able to just run around wherever I wanted and let it calculate my distance for me! I did a little different route because I ended at Giant Eagle so I could dash in to buy some Pam cooking spray! Haha, whaaaat?

Yep. I had the most intense craving for eggs when I woke up but I was out of cooking spray! EMERGENCY!  So I ended my run at the store, picked some up and cooled down by walking home. My shins are ok while I’m running but KILL when I start to walk, wtf. So I guess that means walking is just not an option during the race!

I came home and iced and then spent way too long talking to someone on gchat that I was running late and had to eat my eggs in the classiest and most environmentally friendly way possibly on the way out the door!

Then, I realized that I forgot my flip flops at work and wanted to wear my super cute favorite super high heels and decided to just give it a go and wear them on the way to work. BAD MOVE. It was seriously comical how slow I was walking.

So then around 3:30 I was staaaaarving. I had already eaten my lunch and snacks and the poor planning struck again when I had no back up snacks planned! I tried to avoid the pretzels since I’m trying the whole “whole grains” thing and ended up eating what I did have which was way too many almonds and an entire pack of orbit gum. Yes, I have a problem. So this brings me to a little dilemma….I have about 11 weeks till the race in which time I’d like to lose 11lbs=22 seconds per mile= 5 minutes off my race time! The problem is though, that if you count yoga as exercise, which I do, I’m working out for 2+ hours a day which is leaving me super hungry! And I have absolutely ZERO idea how much I should be eating right now in order to lose 1lb/week and still keep up my energy for my workouts. It’s a tricky little situation!

SO anyway, after work I went to yoga. I just went to the class at the gym instead of the hot power yoga studio because gym=free and I’m on a pretty tight budget right now seeing as I just spent an exorbitant amount of money on my garmin! This was the most un-yoga class I have ever been to in my life! I don’t even know what just happened! There was not a single downward dog, no vinyasas, no ohm-ing, just a bunch of the weirdest shit I’ve ever done. Like hanging upside down off of a chair and getting into super awkward poses and putting sandbags all over your body and staying there for 10 minutes. I hated it! So not for me. We did do headstands though which are my favorite so that was fun. After class I busted out 15 push ups just for fun and then headed home.

So that was today! Spinning, lower body workout, and a good, sweaty, hard yoga class on the agenda tomorrow. It’s almost Chicago time!!