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So I am a BIG believer in signs. I overanalyze pretty much everything so I find “signs” in lots of things and sometimes get paranoid about it. Like one time I was flying overseas and basically everything was going wrong (crazy traffic, delayed flights, running around JFK airport, bad weather) and so I pretty much psyched myself out and convinced myself that it was a sign to not get on the plane and was a nervous wreck the entire time. So, obviously, sometimes I am wrong….

Like, remember that time I got this fortune cookie right after the whole DB fiasco…

(an old love will come back to you)

Nope, wrong again.

Sometimes I am right though. Like when I woke up with my quads SO SORE and took that as a sign that I should skip 6am spinning in favor of yoga. Yes, that was absolutely a good choice.

And then today when all I wanted was a diet coke but was at Whole Foods and they don’t sell junk like that so I bought some weird diet sparkling iced tea that I had never seen before and saw this in the cap:

That is fantastic.


I got to add another 10k bib number to my race wall!

So the race yesterday was AMAZING. It was so much fun, I felt great and strong the entire time and it gave me a lot of confidence and motivation for my half marathon. Oh, and I completely crushed my previous 10k times!

Here are the stats:

6.2 miles


Ave: 9:09

Ave HR: 171

Max HR: 183

M1: 9:28

M2: 8:52

M3: 9:21

M4: 9:21

M5: 9:41

M6: 8:23

M6.2: 1:44 (8:28 pace)

The weather was absolutely perfect, there were 14,000 people running so the positive energy was incredible, and I just had such a blast. It’s really too bad not every run can be that great!

If you’ve been reading you know that those times are really fast for me. I really don’t think I have ever broken a 9 minute mile running outside (treadmills don’t count in my mind for some reason) so I was SO proud of myself. I seriously kicked it into high gear during that last mile and crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on my face because I was just so happy! Honestly there is no better feeling than a runner’s high!

Let’s see….

Wednesday-Well I had a bit too much to drink on Tuesday night (don’t judge) so my morning run was immediately slashed from the schedule and I went lunchtime yoga instead. Then after work and an apocolypse-esque thunderstorm I went for my 2 mile run. I was speedy, finishing in 18:03! Good job Sarah. Then I went home and baked cookies for my kickball team which sort of turned out to be a disaster. The recipe was just so strange, it called for 1/3 cup of milk and NO EGGS. I was baffled because I have never baked without eggs before and then worried that I wrote down the recipe wrong so I just added 2 eggs at the end. Well, if you bake you know that the #1 rule is no NOT MESS WITH THE RECIPE because it’s a science. Oops. So, yeah, it wasn’t my best work. The taste was good but the consistency was SO WEIRD, very cakey and fluffy. Oh well, boys will eat anything so all was not lost.

Thursday- Spinning in the morning and kickball at night! We won! Then I went back to my friends’ house and watched some football and drank some beer and then went home and passed right out because it was already 11 and I was exhausted. Then, the strangest thing happened! I woke up at 2:30 am and was STARVING!! Huh?! Oh, right, dinner. Forgot about that little detail….So I made myself toast in the middle of the night and finally fell back asleep and cancelled my run (again) because I was exhausted, my shins were sore, and I just wanted to sleep.

Friday- Oh, Friday. Yesterday was a no good day. I had a migraine for most of the day which I rarely get but when I do they are BAD and I basically just wanted to cry and sleep and puke but was at work so I could do none of the above. Well, I guess I could have, but I know from experience that those are not fun work activities. Anyway, I was going to workout after work if my headache went away, but then I made the executive decision that Happy Hour with a friend was a better decision. Obviously drinking too much beer will solve headaches and all life’s problems. Oh wait? It actually does the opposite? Who would have thought?! So yeah, then there was some fighting and some tears and way too many next morning “why did I send that?” text messages and now I am once again in “I hate boys” mode. Oh, and might have to quit kickball. Sucks.

Saturday(today)- Let me just say that negative emotions are the absolute best fuel for exercise. I am so serious. When I’m happy I don’t really push myself that hard but when I am angry, sad, frustrated, embarrassed, nervous, and pissed off I have the absolute BEST workouts. Today I went into the spin room and had my own spinning class with just my ipod and I pushed myself SO HARD. I just kept thinking about last night and it fueled me to go even harder. I ended up riding for 1 hour, 570 calories burned, max HR: 174, ave HR: 159. Holy cow! And that wasn’t even it! Then I went out to the weight room and lifted!

Circuit Style. 10 reps, 2 sets

Assisted Pull-Ups, 110#

Decline Sit Ups

Shoulder Press, 12#

Captains Chair Leg Lift

Bicep Curl, 12#

Decline Sit Ups

Push Ups

Captain Chair Leg Lift

Tricep Kickbacks, 10#

It felt so freaking good.

The Great Race 10k is tomorrow morning. Hopefully it’s fun! I have a feeling all those negative emotions will be just as strong so at least I’ll have that extra little kick to get me through!

Ok, so this past week in review: Too much alcohol, not enough running. My goal for next week is to reverse that statement.

5 miles down this morning.  48:29. 9:41/mile average. 600 calories burned. HR: 168 average, 180 max

Here’s how it went:

Mile 1- 9:36: It’s cold out here! And dark! I’m 75% sure I’m going to trip. I’m glad I can wear t-shirts again because I can do the whole wipe the sweat/blow my nose with my sleeve. God, I’m classy. It is so early. I don’t think my body even realizes what it’s doing yet.

Mile 2- 10:22:  Oh, ok, my body figured out that it’s running and is not happy. Mile 2 is ALWAYS the hardest for me. I finally realize that I’m running and that I’m not stopping for a while and I’m not in my rhythm yet and my heart is still too tired to pump properly and I can’t breathe and my calves hurt and my shins are tender and my toes are falling asleep and I hate this. WHY am I doing this again? Oh, right, for the 13.1 bumper sticker. Keep going, it will make the race easier.

Mile 3- 9:43: Thank God for a downhill. Ok, I’m starting to find my rhythm, this isn’t too bad. It’s still dark though. And this area is sketchy. I hope I don’t get raped/kidnapped/shot. I really need to stop watching so much Law and Order SVU. I really wish I had a magical dog that never had to go to the bathroom or stop to sniff things or run in my way, and could protect me. Or a nice boyfriend who is in slightly less running shape than me so that I don’t feel bad about myself, and that I’ve been dating for at least 7 months so that I’m not embarrassed to be so sweaty and snotty in front of him.

Mile 4- 9:31: I don’t even know where this mile went because I was too busy thinking about my magic dog and wonderful fake boyfriend.

Mile 5- 9:16: Almost done, almost done. Dave not-so-subtly asked me to bake cookies again for the kickball game on Thursday, I wonder what kind I should make. Wow, those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes I made for my birthday were fantastic. Maybe I’ll make brownies, those are easy. Man, I just love sweets so much. Clearly…Ok, whatever I do, I CANNOT EAT ANY COOKIE DOUGH. None, zip, zilch, zero. CANNOT happen. Ok, Sarah, pick up the pace, the faster you run, the faster you’re done. Good plan. Done.

That wasn’t so bad.

I went to spinning this morning…


472 calories

HR: 170 max, 142 Ave

It’s interesting because before I got back into running I thought spinning was the best workout. I was amazed that I could burn that many calories in one workout! Also, I thought it was soooo hard and it would literally take me hours to fully recover and feel like I could take a deep, normal breath. Now when I run for that same amount of time I burn around 700 calories and my average heart rate is almost 170! I was thinking about all that today while I was spinning because when my HR was in the 150s this morning I felt like it was super easy–I definitely could carry on a conversation and wasn’t even pushing that hard. I mean, I’m not saying it was easy because I definitely worked hard, my legs were tired, and I was super sweaty, but it was still manageable and fun. How crazy! Maybe it’s because I’ve been consistently spinning for so long now and my body has adjusted. I hope that one day running will be that “easy” for me!

Then guess what I did! I lifted some weights! I did a mini upper body workout consisting of 10 reps of each major muscle group: assisted pull ups, upright row @12#, bicep curls @12#, tricep kickbacks @10#, and pushups. Then I was starting to get really weak since I hadn’t eaten anything yet so I called it quits. I only did 1 set but it was tough. That’s what happens when you go a few weeks with half-assed workouts. For a while I was seriously like the hulk at the gym, I could just lift and lift like it was nobody’s business but it was rough today! I need to get my booty back into the weight room more often! Hey, it was a start though.

Then I went to yoga during lunch and it felt fantastic to streeeeeeeeeeeetch. Mmmmm.

And look at that, posting 2 days in a row! What a champ.

This past week has been pretty uneventful:

Sunday: Shoulders and Arms P90x workout

Monday: Yoga, Spinning

Tuesday: 5 mile run with Melissa. She is way faster than me, I’m not really sure how this whole “run together” thing is going to work. I was pretty much hyperventilating while trying to talk and run at the same time and she was just cruising along with no problem. I’m really jealous. So yeah, it was a rough run.

Wednesday: Yoga, 2 mile run in old shoes on the treadmill which made my shins want to explode and my knees ache and then I have the most half-assed lower body workout of my career. I think I did like 12 squats and 10 lunges/legs and called it a day. I really need to get back into my strength training, because by looking through the blog and the lack of strength workouts makes me realize that I’ve been slacking majorily. Blech. I will go do 20 pushups as soon as I’m done writing this.

Thursday: Spinning. After work I went to an epic Happy Hour including Delirium beer—I was pretty much amazed that it was 9% alcohol and kept annoying repeating that fact over and over. And then someone ordered brown sugar waffles and I turned them down (still trying to drop those 10lbs…) and said “I can’t, I’m in training.” To which he responded “But you’re drinking beer…” Touche. Then after Delirium #2 and Leffe #1 I naively inquire: “Wow, I’m drunk. How much is 9% beer compared to normal beer?” “Well, what is normal beer for you?” “Umm, Bud Light.” To which I got the slow head shake with closed eyes that I am all too familiar with which in body language means “Sarah, you are so dumb.”

Friday: 4 mile run that was soooooo much easier than my 5-mi on Tuesday even though it was basically the same route and I had drank too much beer the night before. I really just do so much better running alone and with my music than while talking. Which is shocking considering how much I love to talk.

Saturday: Rest because it was Yom Kippur which means no food or water for 24 hours. It was rough. Let’s just say that I get irritable when I’m hungry. We’ll leave it at that. Thanks for putting up with me, Dad.

Sunday (today): 6 mile run at 9:48 average pace. I’ll take it!

I hope this week goes well because I’ve got races galore coming up starting with a 10k next Sunday.

I’m still here! And still running. Just not posting. Mostly because the posts from Friday and Saturday would just go like this: “I ran 4 miles. It’s still hard. I’m overwhelmed because I can’t possibly imagine how I am going to do another 9 on top of those. Oh, and my knee is killing me.”

Also, Elite Runers and Walkers is officially the best store ever. If you live in Pittsburgh go there right now because they’re the best. I bought my shoes there a few weeks ago and LOVED them but for some reason after like 3 miles or so my toes would start getting really tingly like they were falling asleep so I went back to the store expecting to buy some inserts or something but they just gave me a new pair (a neutral one instead of a stabilizing one) and switched them out for FREE! Just like that, no receipt or anything they took back my dirty shoes that I had been wearing for 3 weeks and gave me a brand new pair! That is such great service 🙂

In other news I’m on a kickball team and besides being probably the worst person because I have absolutely zero coordination it’s really fun! Our first game was on Thursday and we won. No thanks to me, I’m sure, as I didn’t really contribute much. Besides the cookies I baked.

Football season officially kicked off this weekend. THANK GOD. I love football so incredibly much. Yesterday was a good day-Tennessee lost. They are now officially my least favorite team. I hope they all get arrested again this season.

That’s all.

Tonight starts Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year! Happy 5771 🙂

I woke up this morning for a 2 mile run. I have absolutely no clue why I scheduled a 2 mile run because that is so short! But I did tons of research before making up my training schedule so there must have been a reason for it! I think it’s because I had another workout (lower body) scheduled for later in the day and didn’t want to wear myself out but still wanted to get in another running day. Who knows?

Anyway, the stats were great! Since it was so short I didn’t worry about pacing myself and just ran a little bit faster than usual. And at one point I went reaaaaally fast because I thought I saw someone that I really did not want to see so I sped up and went the other direction. Clearly I was not awake or thinking straight because there would really be no possible reason for said person to be running in that part of town at that hour but whatever, it sped me up and thats what counts!

2 miles
Ave pace: 9:28
Ave HR: 166
Calories: 237
Mile 1: 9:45
Mile 2: 9:09

I’ve also found a new tactic to keep me motivated….Lying to myself. Seriously, it works! I just keep saying “This is so much fun! You’re having such a great time! You’re doing so great! This hill is awesome because it’s making you so strong! You’re almost done, keep up the great work”

All lies. But it works!

Except then I tried that trick to get me to go to the gym during lunch. I kept saying “it will be so much fun! You’ll have a great time! You’ll feel so much better when you go!” But the motivation just wasn’t there. I turned to Melissa for help and she told me how she likes to think about what she gets to eat when she’s done working out. Ok, good idea. “Mmmm, once I get done with my workout I get to eat a delicious pouch of tuna with some dry whole wheat bread, yummmmm.”


So then I resorted to my usual tough-love approach. I said “Sarah. If you do not go to the gym right now you will get fat and weak and flabby.” And it worked! I got myself to the gym in record time.

I compromised with myself and rewarded my trip to the gym with the guarantee that I would not have to do a single lunge. I did my workout Body-For-Life style because that always works great!

Hamstrings: Deadlifts- 12@12# dumbbells/hand, 10@15#, 8@20#, 6@25#, 12@15# superset with Leg Curl Machine 12@can’t remember but it was the lightest one because those are just so hard!
I did 15 decline sit ups between eat set

Quads: Squats- 12@15# dumbbells/hand, 10@20#, 8@25#, 6@30#, 12@15# superset with leg extension 12@105#
I did 10 captain chair leg lifts between sets

Calves: Angled Calf Raises- 12@15# dumbbells/hand, 10@20#, 8@25#, 6@30#, 12@15# superset with Seated calf Raises-12@no idea
I did 15 elbow to knee crunches on bosu between sets

And that was that!

I was too lazy to post yesterday due to the fact that I was sucked into another Law and Order SVU marathon. Christopher Maloney is the current love of my life. It’s actually really bizarre because I just love the way he acts with kids and how sweet he is which is not even something that I normally care about because I don’t like kids! Mostly I just love him because he is gorgeous and I like when he takes off his shirt. Except for his tattoos—I could do without those. Buuuuuut beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll deal with it 😉

Let’s see…I went to spinning but forgot my Polar HRM at my apartment and couldn’t figure out how to get my Garmin to work as just a plain HRM in a non-running situation. And for some reason the strap wasn’t catching on the bike monitor so I have no idea what my stats are. It was a great class though and I just did the old school trick of pushing it until I felt like I was just about to puke and then backing off a little.

And then I did what I do best and was super awkward and embarrassed myself. There is a guy about my age who I see at the gym sometimes and I also see him at work! He was on the bike right next to me during class so I figured I should introduce myself because that is the friendly thing to do. Not only was I a sweaty mess but also sort of came across as a stalker which was not my intention at all!

And then my day got even more awkward when I went to starbucks to get my coffee and saw the personal trainer at a table in the corner. He didn’t see me when I walked in so I hurried right up and got in line and kept my head down and then rushed right out the door after I got my coffee and didn’t look back so even if he did see me I didn’t have to deal with any awkward eye contact, thank god.

Then I worked. Then I did yoga. Then I watched SVU. Then I went to sleep. And then I woke up and went running but that is a story for another time.

So, Chicago was AWESOME. Tons of girly fun which was exactly what I needed 🙂

Then, after getting back to Pittsburgh I had to brilliant idea to go directly from the airport to a new trail that I’d never tried out before. I had 5 miles on the agenda. The first mile was pretty good…it felt nice to be moving my legs after sitting for so long while traveling. I’m not at all used to running in the middle of the day though and it was sunny and HOT. I had barely eaten anything and definitely had not drank enough water throughout the weekend. The trail was gravely so I felt like I was sort of slipping and there was hardly any shade.

Ok, so mile 1 was done in 9:23 AWESOME. Then I came to a big intersection and had to stop to wait so I paused my garmin, then I crossed the street and kept going. I was looking down at the pace and was rocking it—too fast actually at 8:45-8:55. I check my pace a lot but try not to look at time/distance too much because it overwhelms me. After a while though I figured it must be about time to turn around and go back, because I was getting worn out, I was hot, hungry, my legs were getting tired, and I was so freaking thirsty! Well, what do you know, my garmin said 1.12 miles. Wait, what? Are you freaking kidding me? I forgot to turn the timer back on. I literally shouted “son of a bitch!” and got some dirty looks from the families biking and walking near me. I had absolutely no clue of long I had been running or how far and I was really pissed.

So then I decided it was far enough and turned around and started running back but my body was just not having it. I was so tired and my calves and knees were hurting (no shin pain at all though!!! hooray!) and I tried everything to keep pushing through but after another 2.5 miles I was spent. I found a water fountain and said “thank you jesus!’ for some reason unbeknownst to me, and started stretching a bit. Then I sort of walked and ran until I finally finally made it back to my car. Gross. Epic Fail. Of the 4.0 miles that my Garmin registered of my running I averaged 9:40 which is fantastic, but I felt like hell the entire time. I’m guessing I probably ran about 5.5mi and walked a ton on top of that (I turned it off while I took my walk/stretch breaks)

At one point I was so disappointed in myself and how hard it was and how I couldn’t get my heart rate done and how if this was the actual race I would still have SO FAR to go and I just lost it. I sat down in the grass and had a power cries and then kept going. I’m a huge fan of both power naps and power cries.  Honestly, just taking a little 5 minute nap can make ALL the difference in the world and crying for just a few minutes is the same way! If you don’t just let it out you’ll just dwell on it all day long and having to go around with that lump in your throat and your nose all runny trying to hold back tears is just no fun. So next time you’re upset give yourself 2 minutes to cry and then move on! I’m telling you it works 😉

So, yeah. I guess it’s bad runs like this that make the good ones like I had last week even better. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

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