Can you believe fall is almost here! That is by far my favorite season. I seriously cannot wait!

Here are all the fun things I am looking forward to in the next few months:
-Chicago this weekend for Jenn’s Bachelorette party and wedding shower
-Apples and honey for the Jewish holidays
-Pittsburgh Great Race 10k- Sept. 26
-Shadyside 5k- Oct. 2
-Visiting Marni in Minnesota-October 8-10
-Arizona for Jenn’s wedding- October 15-17
-Philadelphia HALF MARATHON- November 21
-Cool, crisp weather
-PUMPKIN everything
-Leaves changing colors
-Thanksgiving—my favorite holiday!
-Hot chocolate and tea

Such good things to come!

As for today…

Spinning this morning! It was tough. I left the gym last night at 7:15 and was back there are 5:45 this morning. Gross. Also, I slept horribly last night, like I do every night at my apartment. It’s just so bright with the street lights coming through the windows and it’s so freaking hot so I had my dad install a window AC unit for me which helps but it makes a lot of noise which wakes me up. Plus, there are plenty of other things that drive me crazy about it there but we won’t go into those.

So I was exhausted and I’m feeling worn out but I semi-pushed through and my HR was lower than normal–I think I maxed at 162 and only hit that once, very briefly. Still burned 430 calories though, so it wasn’t all bad! Also, everyone at the gym is all about giving me tips for running which is fun, especially since it’s like all I want to talk about these days and everyone else is getting pretty sick of hearing about it! The verdict was that I definitely needed a new pair of shoes!

After work I went back to the gym and had the most half-assed workout of my entire life. I did…10#, 10 reps/leg of split squats, step ups with knee raise, and reverse lunges. Followed by 90#, 10 reps on the abductor and adductor machines and 5 minutes on the stationary bike. And then I was so over it and just wanted to go buy new shoes!

So off I went to Elite Runners & Walkers and had the greatest experience. The employees there are so great! They spent a lot of time with me talking about my training, goals, and injuries (my shins!), then he measured my foot, watched me walk, and then I tried on a few different pairs and he watched me run on the treadmill. Not only did I find a great pair of shoes–I bought Saucony’s–and he also gave me some pointers on my form. I am so excited to try them out tomorrow morning! I have a 5 mile run planned which is the longest I’ve run since my last 10k in June so this should be interesting…I can’t wait to wear my new shoes though!

Also, I just got the book The Help from the library yesterday and I’m really excited to get it started, it’s been a while since I’ve read a really good book, the last few I’ve tried have been duds!