So, Chicago was AWESOME. Tons of girly fun which was exactly what I needed 🙂

Then, after getting back to Pittsburgh I had to brilliant idea to go directly from the airport to a new trail that I’d never tried out before. I had 5 miles on the agenda. The first mile was pretty good…it felt nice to be moving my legs after sitting for so long while traveling. I’m not at all used to running in the middle of the day though and it was sunny and HOT. I had barely eaten anything and definitely had not drank enough water throughout the weekend. The trail was gravely so I felt like I was sort of slipping and there was hardly any shade.

Ok, so mile 1 was done in 9:23 AWESOME. Then I came to a big intersection and had to stop to wait so I paused my garmin, then I crossed the street and kept going. I was looking down at the pace and was rocking it—too fast actually at 8:45-8:55. I check my pace a lot but try not to look at time/distance too much because it overwhelms me. After a while though I figured it must be about time to turn around and go back, because I was getting worn out, I was hot, hungry, my legs were getting tired, and I was so freaking thirsty! Well, what do you know, my garmin said 1.12 miles. Wait, what? Are you freaking kidding me? I forgot to turn the timer back on. I literally shouted “son of a bitch!” and got some dirty looks from the families biking and walking near me. I had absolutely no clue of long I had been running or how far and I was really pissed.

So then I decided it was far enough and turned around and started running back but my body was just not having it. I was so tired and my calves and knees were hurting (no shin pain at all though!!! hooray!) and I tried everything to keep pushing through but after another 2.5 miles I was spent. I found a water fountain and said “thank you jesus!’ for some reason unbeknownst to me, and started stretching a bit. Then I sort of walked and ran until I finally finally made it back to my car. Gross. Epic Fail. Of the 4.0 miles that my Garmin registered of my running I averaged 9:40 which is fantastic, but I felt like hell the entire time. I’m guessing I probably ran about 5.5mi and walked a ton on top of that (I turned it off while I took my walk/stretch breaks)

At one point I was so disappointed in myself and how hard it was and how I couldn’t get my heart rate done and how if this was the actual race I would still have SO FAR to go and I just lost it. I sat down in the grass and had a power cries and then kept going. I’m a huge fan of both power naps and power cries.  Honestly, just taking a little 5 minute nap can make ALL the difference in the world and crying for just a few minutes is the same way! If you don’t just let it out you’ll just dwell on it all day long and having to go around with that lump in your throat and your nose all runny trying to hold back tears is just no fun. So next time you’re upset give yourself 2 minutes to cry and then move on! I’m telling you it works 😉

So, yeah. I guess it’s bad runs like this that make the good ones like I had last week even better. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!