I was too lazy to post yesterday due to the fact that I was sucked into another Law and Order SVU marathon. Christopher Maloney is the current love of my life. It’s actually really bizarre because I just love the way he acts with kids and how sweet he is which is not even something that I normally care about because I don’t like kids! Mostly I just love him because he is gorgeous and I like when he takes off his shirt. Except for his tattoos—I could do without those. Buuuuuut beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll deal with it 😉

Let’s see…I went to spinning but forgot my Polar HRM at my apartment and couldn’t figure out how to get my Garmin to work as just a plain HRM in a non-running situation. And for some reason the strap wasn’t catching on the bike monitor so I have no idea what my stats are. It was a great class though and I just did the old school trick of pushing it until I felt like I was just about to puke and then backing off a little.

And then I did what I do best and was super awkward and embarrassed myself. There is a guy about my age who I see at the gym sometimes and I also see him at work! He was on the bike right next to me during class so I figured I should introduce myself because that is the friendly thing to do. Not only was I a sweaty mess but also sort of came across as a stalker which was not my intention at all!

And then my day got even more awkward when I went to starbucks to get my coffee and saw the personal trainer at a table in the corner. He didn’t see me when I walked in so I hurried right up and got in line and kept my head down and then rushed right out the door after I got my coffee and didn’t look back so even if he did see me I didn’t have to deal with any awkward eye contact, thank god.

Then I worked. Then I did yoga. Then I watched SVU. Then I went to sleep. And then I woke up and went running but that is a story for another time.