Tonight starts Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year! Happy 5771 🙂

I woke up this morning for a 2 mile run. I have absolutely no clue why I scheduled a 2 mile run because that is so short! But I did tons of research before making up my training schedule so there must have been a reason for it! I think it’s because I had another workout (lower body) scheduled for later in the day and didn’t want to wear myself out but still wanted to get in another running day. Who knows?

Anyway, the stats were great! Since it was so short I didn’t worry about pacing myself and just ran a little bit faster than usual. And at one point I went reaaaaally fast because I thought I saw someone that I really did not want to see so I sped up and went the other direction. Clearly I was not awake or thinking straight because there would really be no possible reason for said person to be running in that part of town at that hour but whatever, it sped me up and thats what counts!

2 miles
Ave pace: 9:28
Ave HR: 166
Calories: 237
Mile 1: 9:45
Mile 2: 9:09

I’ve also found a new tactic to keep me motivated….Lying to myself. Seriously, it works! I just keep saying “This is so much fun! You’re having such a great time! You’re doing so great! This hill is awesome because it’s making you so strong! You’re almost done, keep up the great work”

All lies. But it works!

Except then I tried that trick to get me to go to the gym during lunch. I kept saying “it will be so much fun! You’ll have a great time! You’ll feel so much better when you go!” But the motivation just wasn’t there. I turned to Melissa for help and she told me how she likes to think about what she gets to eat when she’s done working out. Ok, good idea. “Mmmm, once I get done with my workout I get to eat a delicious pouch of tuna with some dry whole wheat bread, yummmmm.”


So then I resorted to my usual tough-love approach. I said “Sarah. If you do not go to the gym right now you will get fat and weak and flabby.” And it worked! I got myself to the gym in record time.

I compromised with myself and rewarded my trip to the gym with the guarantee that I would not have to do a single lunge. I did my workout Body-For-Life style because that always works great!

Hamstrings: Deadlifts- 12@12# dumbbells/hand, 10@15#, 8@20#, 6@25#, 12@15# superset with Leg Curl Machine 12@can’t remember but it was the lightest one because those are just so hard!
I did 15 decline sit ups between eat set

Quads: Squats- 12@15# dumbbells/hand, 10@20#, 8@25#, 6@30#, 12@15# superset with leg extension 12@105#
I did 10 captain chair leg lifts between sets

Calves: Angled Calf Raises- 12@15# dumbbells/hand, 10@20#, 8@25#, 6@30#, 12@15# superset with Seated calf Raises-12@no idea
I did 15 elbow to knee crunches on bosu between sets

And that was that!