I’m still here! And still running. Just not posting. Mostly because the posts from Friday and Saturday would just go like this: “I ran 4 miles. It’s still hard. I’m overwhelmed because I can’t possibly imagine how I am going to do another 9 on top of those. Oh, and my knee is killing me.”

Also, Elite Runers and Walkers is officially the best store ever. If you live in Pittsburgh go there right now because they’re the best. I bought my shoes there a few weeks ago and LOVED them but for some reason after like 3 miles or so my toes would start getting really tingly like they were falling asleep so I went back to the store expecting to buy some inserts or something but they just gave me a new pair (a neutral one instead of a stabilizing one) and switched them out for FREE! Just like that, no receipt or anything they took back my dirty shoes that I had been wearing for 3 weeks and gave me a brand new pair! That is such great service 🙂

In other news I’m on a kickball team and besides being probably the worst person because I have absolutely zero coordination it’s really fun! Our first game was on Thursday and we won. No thanks to me, I’m sure, as I didn’t really contribute much. Besides the cookies I baked.

Football season officially kicked off this weekend. THANK GOD. I love football so incredibly much. Yesterday was a good day-Tennessee lost. They are now officially my least favorite team. I hope they all get arrested again this season.

That’s all.