This past week has been pretty uneventful:

Sunday: Shoulders and Arms P90x workout

Monday: Yoga, Spinning

Tuesday: 5 mile run with Melissa. She is way faster than me, I’m not really sure how this whole “run together” thing is going to work. I was pretty much hyperventilating while trying to talk and run at the same time and she was just cruising along with no problem. I’m really jealous. So yeah, it was a rough run.

Wednesday: Yoga, 2 mile run in old shoes on the treadmill which made my shins want to explode and my knees ache and then I have the most half-assed lower body workout of my career. I think I did like 12 squats and 10 lunges/legs and called it a day. I really need to get back into my strength training, because by looking through the blog and the lack of strength workouts makes me realize that I’ve been slacking majorily. Blech. I will go do 20 pushups as soon as I’m done writing this.

Thursday: Spinning. After work I went to an epic Happy Hour including Delirium beer—I was pretty much amazed that it was 9% alcohol and kept annoying repeating that fact over and over. And then someone ordered brown sugar waffles and I turned them down (still trying to drop those 10lbs…) and said “I can’t, I’m in training.” To which he responded “But you’re drinking beer…” Touche. Then after Delirium #2 and Leffe #1 I naively inquire: “Wow, I’m drunk. How much is 9% beer compared to normal beer?” “Well, what is normal beer for you?” “Umm, Bud Light.” To which I got the slow head shake with closed eyes that I am all too familiar with which in body language means “Sarah, you are so dumb.”

Friday: 4 mile run that was soooooo much easier than my 5-mi on Tuesday even though it was basically the same route and I had drank too much beer the night before. I really just do so much better running alone and with my music than while talking. Which is shocking considering how much I love to talk.

Saturday: Rest because it was Yom Kippur which means no food or water for 24 hours. It was rough. Let’s just say that I get irritable when I’m hungry. We’ll leave it at that. Thanks for putting up with me, Dad.

Sunday (today): 6 mile run at 9:48 average pace. I’ll take it!

I hope this week goes well because I’ve got races galore coming up starting with a 10k next Sunday.