I went to spinning this morning…


472 calories

HR: 170 max, 142 Ave

It’s interesting because before I got back into running I thought spinning was the best workout. I was amazed that I could burn that many calories in one workout! Also, I thought it was soooo hard and it would literally take me hours to fully recover and feel like I could take a deep, normal breath. Now when I run for that same amount of time I burn around 700 calories and my average heart rate is almost 170! I was thinking about all that today while I was spinning because when my HR was in the 150s this morning I felt like it was super easy–I definitely could carry on a conversation and wasn’t even pushing that hard. I mean, I’m not saying it was easy because I definitely worked hard, my legs were tired, and I was super sweaty, but it was still manageable and fun. How crazy! Maybe it’s because I’ve been consistently spinning for so long now and my body has adjusted. I hope that one day running will be that “easy” for me!

Then guess what I did! I lifted some weights! I did a mini upper body workout consisting of 10 reps of each major muscle group: assisted pull ups, upright row @12#, bicep curls @12#, tricep kickbacks @10#, and pushups. Then I was starting to get really weak since I hadn’t eaten anything yet so I called it quits. I only did 1 set but it was tough. That’s what happens when you go a few weeks with half-assed workouts. For a while I was seriously like the hulk at the gym, I could just lift and lift like it was nobody’s business but it was rough today! I need to get my booty back into the weight room more often! Hey, it was a start though.

Then I went to yoga during lunch and it felt fantastic to streeeeeeeeeeeetch. Mmmmm.

And look at that, posting 2 days in a row! What a champ.