5 miles down this morning.  48:29. 9:41/mile average. 600 calories burned. HR: 168 average, 180 max

Here’s how it went:

Mile 1- 9:36: It’s cold out here! And dark! I’m 75% sure I’m going to trip. I’m glad I can wear t-shirts again because I can do the whole wipe the sweat/blow my nose with my sleeve. God, I’m classy. It is so early. I don’t think my body even realizes what it’s doing yet.

Mile 2- 10:22:  Oh, ok, my body figured out that it’s running and is not happy. Mile 2 is ALWAYS the hardest for me. I finally realize that I’m running and that I’m not stopping for a while and I’m not in my rhythm yet and my heart is still too tired to pump properly and I can’t breathe and my calves hurt and my shins are tender and my toes are falling asleep and I hate this. WHY am I doing this again? Oh, right, for the 13.1 bumper sticker. Keep going, it will make the race easier.

Mile 3- 9:43: Thank God for a downhill. Ok, I’m starting to find my rhythm, this isn’t too bad. It’s still dark though. And this area is sketchy. I hope I don’t get raped/kidnapped/shot. I really need to stop watching so much Law and Order SVU. I really wish I had a magical dog that never had to go to the bathroom or stop to sniff things or run in my way, and could protect me. Or a nice boyfriend who is in slightly less running shape than me so that I don’t feel bad about myself, and that I’ve been dating for at least 7 months so that I’m not embarrassed to be so sweaty and snotty in front of him.

Mile 4- 9:31: I don’t even know where this mile went because I was too busy thinking about my magic dog and wonderful fake boyfriend.

Mile 5- 9:16: Almost done, almost done. Dave not-so-subtly asked me to bake cookies again for the kickball game on Thursday, I wonder what kind I should make. Wow, those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes I made for my birthday were fantastic. Maybe I’ll make brownies, those are easy. Man, I just love sweets so much. Clearly…Ok, whatever I do, I CANNOT EAT ANY COOKIE DOUGH. None, zip, zilch, zero. CANNOT happen. Ok, Sarah, pick up the pace, the faster you run, the faster you’re done. Good plan. Done.

That wasn’t so bad.