Let’s see….

Wednesday-Well I had a bit too much to drink on Tuesday night (don’t judge) so my morning run was immediately slashed from the schedule and I went lunchtime yoga instead. Then after work and an apocolypse-esque thunderstorm I went for my 2 mile run. I was speedy, finishing in 18:03! Good job Sarah. Then I went home and baked cookies for my kickball team which sort of turned out to be a disaster. The recipe was just so strange, it called for 1/3 cup of milk and NO EGGS. I was baffled because I have never baked without eggs before and then worried that I wrote down the recipe wrong so I just added 2 eggs at the end. Well, if you bake you know that the #1 rule is no NOT MESS WITH THE RECIPE because it’s a science. Oops. So, yeah, it wasn’t my best work. The taste was good but the consistency was SO WEIRD, very cakey and fluffy. Oh well, boys will eat anything so all was not lost.

Thursday- Spinning in the morning and kickball at night! We won! Then I went back to my friends’ house and watched some football and drank some beer and then went home and passed right out because it was already 11 and I was exhausted. Then, the strangest thing happened! I woke up at 2:30 am and was STARVING!! Huh?! Oh, right, dinner. Forgot about that little detail….So I made myself toast in the middle of the night and finally fell back asleep and cancelled my run (again) because I was exhausted, my shins were sore, and I just wanted to sleep.

Friday- Oh, Friday. Yesterday was a no good day. I had a migraine for most of the day which I rarely get but when I do they are BAD and I basically just wanted to cry and sleep and puke but was at work so I could do none of the above. Well, I guess I could have, but I know from experience that those are not fun work activities. Anyway, I was going to workout after work if my headache went away, but then I made the executive decision that Happy Hour with a friend was a better decision. Obviously drinking too much beer will solve headaches and all life’s problems. Oh wait? It actually does the opposite? Who would have thought?! So yeah, then there was some fighting and some tears and way too many next morning “why did I send that?” text messages and now I am once again in “I hate boys” mode. Oh, and might have to quit kickball. Sucks.

Saturday(today)- Let me just say that negative emotions are the absolute best fuel for exercise. I am so serious. When I’m happy I don’t really push myself that hard but when I am angry, sad, frustrated, embarrassed, nervous, and pissed off I have the absolute BEST workouts. Today I went into the spin room and had my own spinning class with just my ipod and I pushed myself SO HARD. I just kept thinking about last night and it fueled me to go even harder. I ended up riding for 1 hour, 570 calories burned, max HR: 174, ave HR: 159. Holy cow! And that wasn’t even it! Then I went out to the weight room and lifted!

Circuit Style. 10 reps, 2 sets

Assisted Pull-Ups, 110#

Decline Sit Ups

Shoulder Press, 12#

Captains Chair Leg Lift

Bicep Curl, 12#

Decline Sit Ups

Push Ups

Captain Chair Leg Lift

Tricep Kickbacks, 10#

It felt so freaking good.

The Great Race 10k is tomorrow morning. Hopefully it’s fun! I have a feeling all those negative emotions will be just as strong so at least I’ll have that extra little kick to get me through!

Ok, so this past week in review: Too much alcohol, not enough running. My goal for next week is to reverse that statement.