So I am a BIG believer in signs. I overanalyze pretty much everything so I find “signs” in lots of things and sometimes get paranoid about it. Like one time I was flying overseas and basically everything was going wrong (crazy traffic, delayed flights, running around JFK airport, bad weather) and so I pretty much psyched myself out and convinced myself that it was a sign to not get on the plane and was a nervous wreck the entire time. So, obviously, sometimes I am wrong….

Like, remember that time I got this fortune cookie right after the whole DB fiasco…

(an old love will come back to you)

Nope, wrong again.

Sometimes I am right though. Like when I woke up with my quads SO SORE and took that as a sign that I should skip 6am spinning in favor of yoga. Yes, that was absolutely a good choice.

And then today when all I wanted was a diet coke but was at Whole Foods and they don’t sell junk like that so I bought some weird diet sparkling iced tea that I had never seen before and saw this in the cap:

That is fantastic.