I got to add another 10k bib number to my race wall!

So the race yesterday was AMAZING. It was so much fun, I felt great and strong the entire time and it gave me a lot of confidence and motivation for my half marathon. Oh, and I completely crushed my previous 10k times!

Here are the stats:

6.2 miles


Ave: 9:09

Ave HR: 171

Max HR: 183

M1: 9:28

M2: 8:52

M3: 9:21

M4: 9:21

M5: 9:41

M6: 8:23

M6.2: 1:44 (8:28 pace)

The weather was absolutely perfect, there were 14,000 people running so the positive energy was incredible, and I just had such a blast. It’s really too bad not every run can be that great!

If you’ve been reading you know that those times are really fast for me. I really don’t think I have ever broken a 9 minute mile running outside (treadmills don’t count in my mind for some reason) so I was SO proud of myself. I seriously kicked it into high gear during that last mile and crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on my face because I was just so happy! Honestly there is no better feeling than a runner’s high!