Here is a random post for you.

I’ve been running and it’s been getting easier and I’ve been getting faster! SUCCESS! I don’t remember them all so we’ll just talk about 2 of them.

1) Saturday I ran 7 miles in 1:04 (9:16 ave) and it was fantastic. I felt so strong the entire time and it wasn’t even hard! I absolutely love runs like that.

Then I bought a foam roller and it changed my life.

And then I went to Ohio for like 2 hours to visit my grandma and was pretty annoyed at first because we had to drive 4 hours round trip for a 2 hour visit but then she gave me diamond earrings just because and it made it all better!

And I went to the Steelers game and screamed my heart out and lost my voice for nothing because they lost and it was depressing.

2) Ok, and then today I ran a super fast 3 miles—right about 27 minutes with an 8:58 average. I AM SO HAPPY! I have never broken a 9 minute mile average for a run. I’ve done a few sub-9 miles but never for the average. This is so fantastic. My friend told me he wants to run a race so I found a 5 miler in November and we’re going to run it together. So today we ran 3 miles.

Ok, if you know me you should know that I don’t run with people. I like just zoning out with my rap music. I’ve really only run with 2 other people in my entire life—1 run with Melissa (who I’m doing the half marathon with) a few weeks ago (that was a terrible run and I felt like death) and with DB. DB is officially the most patronizing person I have ever met in my life and running with him sucked because he was way faster than me and made me feel like shit even though he was pretending to be nice and supportive. I hated it. (sidenote—the other day I was talking to Alan about how DB had a heart of stone and in a mocking way he responded “I thought he was perfect, so wouldn’t it be a heart of diamonds.” Ouch. That was quite the jab. But also so good and I wish I had thought of it myself.) Ok, so yes, I hate running with people.

BUT I figured after I had already embarrassed myself to the fullest extent in front of this guy I decided that getting all red and sweaty and snotty and gasping for air and complaining about how Pittsburgh hills suck would be a fantastic way for him to realize how great I am.

So we get ready to go and I ask “are you a music listener or a talker?” (please please please say music so that you don’t have to listen to me wheeze) And he goes “we can talk” (ughhh whyyyyy) Ok, so we go and we chat and we run and it was surprisingly fantastic. My heart rate was through the roof (177 AVERAGE, holy shit) and there were a few times I had to ask him to slow down, and I definitely reached I am so very close to puking but if  I do then I will never ever ever be able to show my face at work or kickball or in North America again and then it was over and I was so freaking proud of how fast we went!

Then we went back to stretch and do pushups (because I love pushups) and so I did my 12 and then we attempted 1-armed pushups because he always bets me that I can’t do them, so of course he was successful and right at the exact moment that I fall flat on my face, 3 of his friends walk in the room. AWESOME!

My life is a joke and I need a reality tv show.