They say “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” What they fail to mention is that it still hurts like hell.

I had a ROUGH run tonight. I hate running after work-I’m so much better in the morning. It was cold and raining and I tried motivating myself but it was not good from the start. My Garmin was taking FOREVER to acquire the satellite and when it finally did it lost it again after 500 feet. Ugh.

It was one of those runs where everything hurt, mentally and physically. Where you feel like you’ve been running forever and then look down and see that it’s only been 1.7 miles. I was ready to quit right then and there and decided to just cut the run short and do 3 miles, but (like always) once I hit 2.5 I felt better and decided to just suck it up and finish. I had to stop and stretch and walk more than I would have liked but I finished strong and then had a nice long date with my foam roller.

I guess it’s runs like these that make the good ones that much better.