My body is falling apart! This weekend was a major wake-up call that I need to do a better job at taking care of myself. As in the “rest/recovery” portion of training is actually important…

So I haven’t run since my miserable 5-miler on Tuesday and my legs are STILL sore….like gripping the railings while walking down stairs. That cannot be good.

Then, the absolute strangest thing happened to me in the middle of the night on Thursday! I was having a great night, skipped my workout (recovery, right…?) in favor of Happy Hour where I had the absolute most delcious pumpkin beer with BROWN SUGAR/CINNAMON on the rim. Holy cow. Then, in the spirit of fall we made hot spiked apple cider for our kickball game where we dominated and are currently the only undefeated team in the league. Oh, and I scored a run 🙂 And got entirely too excited about it. Anyway, it was very fun. Then, in the middle of the night I woke up feeling horrendous and then PASSED OUT and fell flat on my face and busted my face. Yeah, it’s lovely and hurts like hell. Then everytime I tried to get out of bed I fainted! My dad is the best and took care of me and at one point I passed out right in the middle of talking to him! That is so scary! And I had to cancel my trip to visit Marni in Minnesota 😦 I don’t really know what is going on but I took it as a sign to chill out for a few days. So I’ve been resting up, eating lots of comforting carbs, and watching movies galore.  

I’m really nervous how this is going to impact my training though. It scares me to skip my 8-mile long run this week, especially since next week is a light running week with no long run since I’ll be in Arizona for Jenn’s wedding. Hmm, any suggestions? I’m feeling a lot better today but my legs are still a little sore and I’m sort of freaked out that I’m going to pass out in the middle of my run, so I think I’m going to just try to ease back into working out by going to the gym for some lighter cardio and weights. Then, tomorrow I’m off of work for Columbus Day so I may try the 8-miles then if I feel up to it. We shall see!