So yesterday morning I headed to the gym and had my own little spinning class, just me and my ipod. I love spinning so much–unlike running, which is always hard and usually doesn’t feel good until I’m done, I actually enjoy spinning while I’m doing it. I love getting super in-the-zone in the dark spinning room and crouching down really low on my bike and pretending that I’m in the Tour de France. Don’t laugh. And, really, does something like that even surprise you anymore? Haha. Oyyy.

Anyway, after the gym I was on my way to the grocery store and passed by the Pro Bike shop on the way with a bright yellow “END OF SEASON 40% OFF SALE” sign out front. Without my consent, George (my car) pulled into the parking lot. Hmm, ok, what’s the harm in looking? I am a very rational, type-A, list-making person, it’s not like I would just go in and buy a bike, right? Umm, wrong. The guy working there was so helpful and found the absolute perfect bike for me. I never really believed in love at first sight before, but I’m now a convert. As soon as I saw this bike I knew I had to have it. I took it out into the parking lot, hopped on, wobbled around a little bit (seriously, first time on a bike in probably 5 years…) and then just flew. It is so perfect, very light, aerodynamic, responsive, and fast. Oh, and expensive. Yikes! Definitely the most expensive purchase I have ever made. This thing is sleeping in my room with me,  and I might put up a nanny-cam so that I can watch it while I’m at work.

It’s a Cannondale Six Carbon Road Bike and I love it oh so much already. The second I stepped out of the store I called my friend who also bikes and forced him to go for a ride with me. IT WAS AWESOME. I got down on the low handlebars and really felt like I was on the Tour de France. I loved every second. Umm, until I tried going up a big hill, got my shoelace stuck in the chain, the chain came off, I fell over, I had to put the chain back on, and was so dirty I resembled a garage mechanic the rest of the day. Oh and after an hour of spinning and an hour of biking my butt is KILLING me. I have a feeling this is going to take some practice!

And then guess what I did today! RAN 8 MILES. The first 3 were absolute hell and I had to stop and stretch way more than I would have liked, but I finally found my running legs around mile 3.5 and was golden from there. It was hard though, I get so anxious when I think about how much further I will still need to run on race day. Crazy. Then I foam rolled forever and it was glorious. Problem with burning 940 calories in the morning though…leaves you starving ALL DAY. I think it’s time for dessert.