Hi! Remember me?

Ok, so to be completely honest with you I’ve gotten the urge to update quite a few time over the past few months but I sort of forgot my password! Oops. And it was registered to a random email address I created for this and I couldn’t remember that password either….

ANYWAY…I finally figured all that out and I’m baaaaack.

So, Susan is probably the only one reading this now, so HI!

Ok, let’s do a brief overview of what has happened since we last spoke:

  • I successfully completed the Philadelphia Half Marathon in 2:04, completely CRUSHING my goal time of 2:10. Yeahhhhhhh! It was totally awesome and I loved every single second of it.
  • Then I stopped running for like ever. Maybe 10 miles TOTAL in December and January. To be honest, I haven’t run more than 5 miles at a time since the race. It doesn’t help that my running buddy isn’t allowed to run with me anymore because of his psycho gf, but that is a story for another time.
  • Oh, I ran a trail race with said running buddy. It was 5 miles and called the Marshall Mangler. It was the first time I had ever run on a trail. I tripped on a root within the first mile and fell. Blood EVERYWHERE. Lots of pain too…someone patted me on the shoulder and said “you’re ok, just walk it off.” Ohhhh ok. So basically I was crying/running (not a winning combo) for about 4 miles. Oh, and it was raining. When I finally stumbled across the finish line I shouted “THE MANGLER GOT ME” and now that is what we say whenever something goes wrong. My new policy is that I will never run in the woods again unless I am being chased.
  • I did this cool indoor race called “Race to Anyplace” which was a stationary bike relay and it was awesome. My team finished 226 miles in 6 hours—that is like 37 mph. Hot daaaaamn.

  • Like my guns? Yeah, that’s because I’ve turned into the Hulk at the gym. Like legit—I sort of got into lifting over the winter and am up to deadlifting 145# what up!? I challenge anyone to a drunk pushup contest, anytime anyplace.
  • I became and undefeated kickball champion, and a very defeated dodgeball participant. I also honed my baking skills and have grand plans for The Dancing Penguin Bakery which will open as soon as I get some funding. I am looking for investors if anyone is interested?

Now, for the main event…..I decided to become a Triathlete. I literally live, eat, sleep, breathe triathlon these days. Only a few problems… 1) I didn’t know how to swim and 2) I couldn’t really ride a bike….So December 1 I got in the pool for the first time and subsequently became the laughing stock of the gym. I am not exaggerating when I say that I could not swim 1 pool length (25 yards). But I kept practicing and practicing and today I did 1500 yards in 36 minutes. Hooray!

As for problem #2…I got the bike in the fall, rode a few times, put it away for the winter, took it out for spring, got my clip in pedals put on and FAILED. Like major fail. Total wipeout the very first day, in front of lots of people. So much blood, a nice battle scar now on my knee, and complete fear of the bike. Looks like you get to follow me on that journey to biking success because I am still working on that one.

Finally–running. Knee pain followed by SHIN SPLINTS that started a couple weeks ago. Seriously, WTF. I thought we got rid of that back in the fall. Guess not….I’m back to icing and compression socking like a fool. I did 4 miles this morning and was ok, but it’s sort of a problem that I can only run that far without pain and I have some major races coming up.

Here is the schedule:

April 3- Cherry Blossom 10 mi

May 15- Pittsburgh Half Marathon

June 11- MS 150 mile bike race

June 25- Philadelphia Olympic Triathlon

July 31- Pittsburgh Olympic Triathlon

Ok, so let’s not mention the fact that 1) I can’t run more than 5 miles and have 2 10+mi races in the next couple months and 2) I can’t ride my bike and have a 150 mile bike race in 3 months. 3) I have never swam in open water, can’t ride a bike, and can’t run more than 5 miles and have a Triathlon in 3.5 months.

This should be an interesting few months, that’s for sure…