Ok, ready to hear me rant?

So like a month or so ago I had one of the most infuriating conversations of my life. One of the guys from the kickball team I played on in the fall and I got in an argument. He told me that I was “unathletic” because I can’t really catch or throw a ball. Now, I really can’t catch or throw a ball and I am pretty uncoordinated when it comes to sports like that but I told him that there is a big difference between being uncoordinated and being unathletic.

Him: You’re not good at sports so you are not athletic.

Me: Are you out of your mind? I train for hours and hours every week, I am most definitely athletic.

Him: You don’t play sports, you’re not an athlete.

Me: I swim, I bike, I run. There are 3 sports right there…

Him: Those aren’t sports, that’s exercise.

Me: (starting to get really pissed) Of course those are sports! They are athletic events where athletes compete against each other. You are so ignorant! Someone who does a triathlon is a triATHLETE. I am 3 times the athlete that you are.

Him: Well you haven’t done one yet. (only valid point of the entire conversation)

Me: Fine that is true but I train so hard and I will do one. I’ve run plenty of races. You can’t even run a mile!

Basically neither of us would concede and the conversation ended in an “agree to disagree” way. But that’s not fair! I am right! I’m not just being stubborn here. Triathlon is a sport. Running is a sport. I am athletic. And that guy is an idiot. All facts.

Ughhhh. Ok, rant over. So freaking frustrating though. I do have to say though, it does fuel me to want this even more and work even harder. One day when I am an Ironman (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2 mi run) and he is sitting on his fat ass playing video games we will see who is more of an athlete.

Anywayyyyyy….I do have some important news:

1) I went to the doctor today because my knee was bothering me. Turns out it’s my IT band. Physical therapy starts Monday. Tonight I foam rolled my IT band after my workout and it was pretty much the most painful thing ever. Yikes.

2) I started working with a fantastic Triathlon coach! Her name is Kim—she has a blog too and hers is way cooler than mine because she is pretty freaking awesome—1st female amateur and 6th overall female finisher of an IRONMAN. Pretty much my hero. I’m feeling really great about this, the workouts so far have been tough but fun. I know that with her help I will really be able to push myself and realize my potential.

Ok guys, have a good night!