I’ve kind of been in a funk the past few days and I have no clue why! I had a FANTASTIC workout this weekend…my very first brick. That was a 1 hour 45 min bike (25 miles) followed immediately by a 30 min run (3.3mi). I was nervous about this for many reasons… it was my first brick ever, it was pouring rain all day, it was windy, and I hadn’t been on my road bike for weeks and was still scared to death of those damn clipless pedals. Well, I needed to conquer this fear sometime and Saturday was the day. I headed out to the trail looking silly awesome with my padded bike shorts, shoes, fancy schmancy bike, bike gloves, helmet and sunglasses. I was surrounded by kids on tricycles….

So I pull up and am gathering up my courage to get on the bike when who do I see…..my very first boyfriend from high school and his mom. Are you kidding me? Yeah, that would only happen to me. So we chat for a second and I keep hoping they will hurry up and leave but they are just standing at the car watching me. I sent up every prayer I had that I would not fall trying to clip into my pedals because that would be the most mortifying moment of my life. Luckily everything worked out and I cruised off like a champ. A little down the trail I whizzed by a kid who then turned to his dad and goes “wow, is she a professional???” It made me smile 🙂

Then I learned an important piece of information. I had incorrectly assumed that “brick” was some weird combination of the words bike + run. No. That is not the reason it is called a brick. Rather, it is because getting off the bike your legs literally feel like BRICKS when you try to run. I had no clue what was going on because it literally felt like I was not moving. Maybe actually going backwards. Weird. But miracle of miracles even though I felt like I was crawling by at the slowest pace imaginable, I actually finished with an average pace of 9:06. What? That is faster than I normally go. So strange but I’m not going to question it and just hope that whatever magic took place on Saturday will continue with all my bricks.

So now I am in recovery week–THANK GOODNESS. I have worked harder in the past month than I have ever worked in my life. It is awesome and I’ve loved almost every second of it. Sometimes though, there are bad days. Like today.

The schedule called for run testing…I was to go to the track, warm up for a mile and then run 2 miles all out and record my times. From the second I woke up this morning I was not into it. I don’t know what is going on with me…maybe I am worn out from the tough workouts the past few weeks, maybe I am in a funk because the sun doesn’t shine in Pittsburgh, who knows. I drove to the track after work though and my body was like ‘hell no, I am not getting out of this car.’ But out I went, mostly because I had just bought a new hat that I wanted to wear. Yeah, I bribe myself with workout gear. It’s normal.

So right from the warmup things didn’t feel great. I did the warmup mile in 9:55 but felt like I was dragging and tripping over my feet and my shins felt a little tender. Crap. I ignored it though and pushed on to my first speedy mile. I actually felt a lot better going fast–I kept looking down and seeing numbers in the 7s which was SO COOL and exciting! I can’t wait for the day that I can run those consistently! I finished in 8:24 but did not feel good. Shin splints. Nooo. I hate them so so so much. Nothing is worse either, the pain just radiates through your shins up your knees and right into the depths of your soul. Then I do what I always do in that situation and freak out and think “if I can’t even run 3 miles how will I race?” and feel like a failure, etc etc, and start to cry. Good thing I had that new hat to pull over my eyes!

Anyway, it was super embarrassing to be crying so I just left and cried in my car. Then I got home and was so pissed off that I went out and ran that last mile, I didn’t even care about the time and finished it in 9:12.

Then I called my coach and she told me that it’s normal to cry in your car at the track and that it would be weird if that never happened. Then I reassured my roommate that I am indeed not crazy, but rather normal. She just did that thing where she looks at me and slowly shakes her head and says “oh Sarah”. I get that all the time.

Now you know me and my love for motivational quotes…I have a bunch hanging on my bedroom mirror and this one particularly stood out to me tonight:

“The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.” -Thomas Paine.

What a wise man.