So I started physical therapy for my knee. It’s actually my IT band that’s the problem, it’s super tight and pulls at my knee. Also I’m off balance….like literally my right side is nice and strong and my left hip/glutes/core muscles are just kind of blahh so we’re working on strengthening, stretching, loosening all that up. So when I was leaving on Monday my therapist told me that we’ll do massage next time. Oh boy was I excited! I just love massages!

I was getting excited all day at work, it was a very stressful day and I just kept thinking about my massage. Then I get to physical therapy and my therapist goes “ok, are you ready?” and had this sort of evil smile on her face. “OK!” I said, ready to go into a nice quiet room with dim lights, some candles, relaxing music and a pleasant lavender scent filling the air.

Boy was I mistaken….

Guys, I cannot even describe to you the pain I felt while she was digging her knuckles into my leg. My IT band is so swollen and tender that it hurts when the wind blows the wrong way on it and there she was tearing it apart. It was agony. I longed for the foam roller which felt like a nice feather brushing my skin compared to this. So she is kneading away and my eyes are welling up with tears and I almost bit off my own tongue trying to keep myself from screaming. Then she asks me how I’m doing, and I said “well it HURTS!” and she goes “I know. I can feel it. I can see how swollen it is. No wonder you are in pain!” And then I just start doing what I do on tough interval runs and count each minute down in 10 second increments.

She slows down for a second and I pray it is over, when she then says “Oh! I found a tough spot….get ready this will hurt a little.” Wait…what? This might hurt a little? Because what we’ve been doing for the past 10 minutes hasn’t exactly been the massage I was waiting for! And then everything went black as I blocked the remainder of my “massage” from my memory. But, as she assured me, “don’t worry, we’ll do this again next time”. Lovely.

In other news….I got new shoes. Yeah, they are literally the exact same pair, just 342 miles newer!

I am a Saucony girl all the way now. I  judge people based on their running shoes. That is weird, I know. Like a guy on my kickball team wears Saucony’s and I liked him immediately. And I just don’t trust people that wear Brooks. Don’t question me, it is what is.

Anyway, as my parents can attest, I’ve always sort of had weird sympathy toward inanimate objects. Like I would feel bad when there was just 1 apple left in the bowl or for the poor flavor of yogurt that nobody wanted. I like to think it means I have a good heart, most likely though, it probably means that physical therapy isn’t the only kind I should be getting. Boy is it tough for me to get rid of my old shoes. They have been with me through SO MUCH. This was the pair of shoes I bought when I decided I wanted to really get into racing. They have been with me through 6 races and countless training runs. I’ve gone almost 350 miles in them. Think about that—350 MILES…that is far. They have soaked up my blood, sweat, and tears. Those shoes have gotten me so far and I just am so sad to have to move on! I know they are just shoes but really they are so much more. So…RIP Saucony Progrid Ride 3…you have been such a great training partner, such a trooper through all the rain and snow and mud and 5am runs that I put you through. Thanks for everything, and here is to many more pairs joining you through the years, each with more wonderful races than the last.