Ok, I have a lot on my mind—hope you can keep up!

First things first, a lesson:

It is not wise to go to the grocery store at 8pm absolutely starving after biking almost 2 hours. If this situation does occur, do not keep the groceries in the front seat next to you.

Food should taste good. Oh and it does.

Now, let’s talk nutrition for a second. I know all the right things to do, I’ve just been sucking at doing them lately. There have been way too many sweets and way too much alcohol and it’s affecting me. I feel so much better when I eat right (duh) and it’s a cycle–eat right, feel great, continue to eat right. It’s just tough getting through that first cycle. I’m starting to think about nutrition as another aspect of training, like swim, bike, run, nutrition. Yeah, like any other workout it’s going to be hard and suck sometimes but it will feel great once you do it, and it will get easier as time goes on. Eating crap is only standing in the way of my goals and I’ll see much better results if I do better in this area.

So, in other news, today I had 1:45 bike on the schedule. Too bad I live in Pittsburgh with its rain and hail and thunderstorms and tornados. So indoors on the spin bike it was! Ok, now just the thought of almost 2 hours in the spin room, alone, with no tv, made me want to skip the workout. How incredibly boring. But then I had the most brilliant thought. I typed “triathlon” into youtube on my phone and found the 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship special. AMAZING find. It lasted almost the whole workout and made it fly by. I was getting so pumped up just watching it! I did make the mistake of not bringing any gaterade or gu or bars with me though and by about 1:15 I was starting to get really tired. It was hard to keep my legs spinning at the right rpm and I felt tired and like I was working hard but I couldn’t get my heart rate up which my coach told me is a telltale sign that your body needs calories.

So, guys, a seed has been planted in my brain.

That’s what is on my nightstand. I just picked up that “Becoming an Ironman” book last week which is a collection of stories of people’s 1st time ironman races. I think I’ve cried at the end of every single one when they cross that finish line. I know that the surge of emotion I get after every running race is unreal that I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to finish 140.6 miles. Oh, I really want to know what that feels like.

Whenever I tell someone the distances in an Ironman they say “that is crazy, why would anyone ever want to do that?!” And a few months ago I had the same reaction. I thought “yeah, a triathlon would be awesome but there is no way I would ever want to do something like that.” I don’t know what changed but now I want that SO BAD. When I was watching that documentary today, I just felt something. That WILL be me. I love the way everyone cheers for you–they stay up until midnight (the cutoff) and cheer so loud for the last people to cross that line. So even if it takes me all 17 hours (let’s not mention the fact that I’m not usually even awake 17 hours) to finish, people will be there cheering for me.

A couple months ago I started having like a major identity crisis. Growing up things were easy, I was kind of a nerd, always did my homework, band geek. I had a goal: Valedictorian. I busted my ass working and it paid off and I accomplished my goal. Then I went to college. Everyone at Tufts was smart though so being the “smart girl” wasn’t really an option anymore since everyone was. Then the economy started to crash and my new goal became pretty clear: get a job. Success again. Then I started work and things were even less clear. Again, everyone was smart, and really the odds of me being promoted to CEO anytime soon were about as likely as me winning the next Ironman World Championships.

I am a goal-oriented person, that’s just how I work. I love having something to dedicate myself to, work as hard as I can for, and then see results. I started running and for a while that was great. I trained hard and completed my half marathon and loved it. That wasn’t exactly what I was looking for though. Tons of people run. These days it seems like everyone you talk to has done a half or full marathon. It didn’t make me feel special enough. Also, you all know by now my love/hate relationship with running. Running was definitely a step in the right direction but it wasn’t quite right. Then somehow, I don’t even remember how, I found out about triathlon. Now, I know I haven’t even done one yet but I think I am in love with it. I just can’t get enough. It has everything I am looking for.

Ok, wow, this has become a novel. Also, its time for me to go to bed because I have a 5ish mile run in the monsoon tomorrow morning. It’s ok, I’m a lunatic and actually like running in the rain—I think it is like the most cleansing and relaxing thing ever.

Until next time friends!