Guys, I almost punched someone in the face today. It was completely involuntary and just a natural reaction.

So at physical therapy they have been doing soft tissue work on my IT band and it is really, really painful. They are kneading and pressing and “massaging” the area of my body that is so tight it hurts to even cross my legs or gently rub my hand over it. It’s the worst. Well, today that pain was taken to an all new level.

My therapist goes “ok, we’re going to use the scraper today” and comes out with this plastic half moon shaped object. It didn’t look too bad and for a brief second I thought that it would be less painful than him digging his knuckles into my poor IT band. I have never been more wrong. I just tried to google this scraper thing to show you a picture but I couldn’t find it. I am 95% sure that this is because it is a torture device that is not actually legal.

It was the longest most painful 10 minutes of my life. I was clenching my teeth and squirming and squeezing onto that stress ball for dear life. I actually was afraid I might fall of the table I was squirming around so bad. Then I just started laughing uncontrollably. I think it was one of those ‘laugh or cry’ situations. And then when he got to an especially tight spot my reflex was to hit him. Seriously guys, I had no control–I guess my body felt like it was in danger and reacted! I ended up just hitting his shoulder but if his face had been closer he could very well have gotten a black eye! Haha. Oh it was funny and everyone laughed at me.

This photo doesn’t even do it justice but there is a HUGE black and blue mark running down the side of my leg. When I came out of my room tonight my roommate goes “oh my god, WHAT did you run into? that looks like the most painful thing ever.”

Yes, yes it is.

Oh, and just in case you were unsure….pjs and compression socks are actually really in style right now. Lucky me!


This is what it looked like this morning. OUCH.

I woke up early, got dressed, went out for my run and lasted 44 seconds before I came right back in and am now laying in bed with ice on it. It just hurt so bad with each step that it was really messing up my form and I was putting all my pressure on my right leg which is just a recipe for disaster. Better luck this afternoon!