What a week, huh? Full of late nights and early early mornings. It’s been a great one though! Here are the highlights:

1) SUPER FANTASTIC workout on Saturday. So the people at my gym think I’m crazy already since a lot of days I’m there at 5:30am and then again at 5:30 pm. Sometimes we joke that I should just sleep on the massage table. Well, they joke…I’m serious. So Saturday I furthered the evidence that I train nonstop. I had a BIG day and I was so freaking excited for it. I drove in early and brought my bike in and left it behind the front desk for them to keep an eye on. Then I got to work: 2500 yards in the pool (about an hour). Hopped out, ate a banana, put on some biking clothes (NOT easy over a wet body!), grabbed my bike, said “cya in 90 minutes!” and headed straight out for a 20 mile bike ride. Then I came back in, dropped my bike off again, switched my shoes and said “cya in 15 minutes!” and ran right back out for a 15 minute run. Then I came back and collapsed on the floor. It was SUCH a great workout though. Everything felt awesome, I felt strong and fast, and confident. Then I remembered that I will have to bike 5 more miles and run a hell of a lot longer and felt a little overwhelmed. It will all work out though!

2) I scored a run at our kickball game on monday! That was definitely the highlight of my week 🙂 Everyone cheered for me and it was great. And I baked the most fabulous cupcakes this week (I bake every week for the game)—they were S’mores with a graham cracker cake, chocolate ganache frosting, and stuffed with marshmallow fluff. I need to open my bakery like NOW. Oh, that would be the life.

3) The best bike ride last night! My friend Kyle is a great cyclist and has given me lots of tips since I’ve started riding and we finally got the chance to ride together last night. He came and met me in Shadyside and off we went! He was like “ok, time to see what you’re made of….” and boy was I in for a tough ride…TONS of hills. I mean, that comes with the territory in Pittsburgh but like these were crazy. Going up one of them my heart rate hit 186 which is a number I’ve never seen before. It felt so awesome.

4) I’m DONE with physical therapy. My knee has felt great for the past 2 weeks so I’m going to keep doing the exercises and foam roll at home and carefully monitor it and go back if it starts flaring up again, but for now I can stop going to that torture chamber! I’m so glad because it really was taking up so much time, pretty much 5:00-7:00 Monday and Wednesday meaning I needed to wake up early to get workouts in before work.

Ok, speaking of early workouts—gotta get to bed so I can ride tomorrow morning. I have a birthday happy hour to attend after work!

Oh, p.s. my birthday is coming up…June 8! And I pretty much NEED this:

Along with an indoor trainer, a wetsuit, a tri-top, a garmin 705, and a camelbak. Wow, my birthday request list sure has changed since last year when I think I asked for like cute clothes, shoes, and jewelry…you know normal things for a girl in her early (oh god, almost mid) 20s. I don’t even know who I am anymore.