So yesterday was a rest day! First one in a while and I loved every second of it. I was thinking though, and I realized that it’s not the lack of a workout that I love (obviously if I hated swimming/biking/running then I picked the wrong hobby!) but rather it’s all the other things that come along with rest day like…

– SLEEP!—yep Thursday night I passed the heck out by 9:30 and slept all the way until 7:00 on Friday morning. Wow did that feel good. During the week between training before and after work as well as everything else in life I usually average only between 6-7 hours which just leaves me dragging.

-Only showering ONCE a day! Ugh, I hate showering. I just hate having to get my hair all wet and tangly and then drying it, styling it (ha-as if), getting dressed, make-up, etc.

-Eating like a normal person. It’s nice to go a full day without eating gu or protein shakes, or thinking through every single food I put in my mouth to figure out if it’s going to upset my stomach during my workout. It’s also nice to not be ravenous ALL. DAY. LONG.

-Not lugging around 50,000 things including my gym bag, water bottles, nutrition, HRM, hat, shoes, blah blah blah. I definitely have some shoulder strength from all these bags I’m always carrying.

-Feeling great and refreshed for my next workout!

Today I was up at 6:00am (yep, on a Saturday…) to meet a friend at 7 for a 30mi ride. Damn, you just cannot escape the hills in Pittsburgh! There were a few that I seriously looked at and thought “ha, no way am I going up that!” But somehow I did. Though there were times that I thought I was going to have to get off the bike and walk up. How embarrassing would that be! But I made it. 2 hours, 30 miles, 2 dropped chains, and a itty bitty fall with some nice road rash later and I was a hot, sweaty, sticky, proud mess. My friend was just a little bit stronger and faster than me so I really had to push myself to keep up with her.

After that we went to go watch a small triathlon that a lot of Pittsburgh Triathlon Club members were competing in. It was actually the first tri I’ve ever been to and it was fun to watch! The swim was in the pool which was interesting. I took the opportunity to really look at people’s form and see where I can try to improve. Some people were FAST!

Oh, and the most exciting news is that I am officially a wetsuit owner.

Let’s just say that I will be doing triathlons for the rest of my life just so that this uber-expensive purchase is worth it. This thing better make me fast!