You know the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Guess what! That relates to pretty much everything in life, including triathlon!

The Good= a great race or workout; the endorphins; the progress; the weight loss; the toning; the awesome people; the feeling when you finish that last interval and get to cool down, etc…. Lots of good!

The Bad= early mornings; lack of sleep; soreness; the bad races or workouts; the delay of results that you deserve; the pain…. Sure there is bad stuff but the good stuff waaaaay counteracts it.

Then there is the Ugly.  There sure is some ugly. Stuff that you just can’t really appreciate until you go through it. To anyone else it’s just gross and disgusting but I’ve actually come to expect and tolerate it. It’s just part of the life…

This might be TMI…be forewarned:

-Black toenails/lack of toenails…I remember during my first half marathon I saw a sign that said “toenails are overrated” and though “hmm, what an odd thing to say.” I definitely had no clue what that was all about. Then during my 2nd half marathon it happened to me….I told Coach Kim and she just said “yep, welcome to the club! 😉 ”

-Eating so much gu that it starts to taste good….Seriously that chocolate outrage flavor is just delicious….One day I was driving home from work, stuck in traffic and got SO HUNGRY that I seriously contemplated eating a gu out of my gym bag. Then I remembered that, no, it is not real food, and that is gross and weird.

-More sweat than you could ever imagine. Honestly I don’t know where it even comes from. The other day I was riding indoors and the room was SO HOT and I was sweating so much that I literally dumped a cup of ice down my sports bra. I’ve reached new levels of embarrassment the past few months.

-Snot. Again, no idea where it all comes from. It’s gross.

-Chafing. Ouch. There is nothing better than the thought of a nice shower after a race or a long hard bike ride. Yes, it’s a nice thought. Until you get in the shower and holy hell does it hurt. I think my garmin HRM is forever imprinted into my chest.

-Puking up gaterade. Nuff said.

-Port-o-potties. Ok guys, this is the absolute worst for me. Seriously I have a fear of them. I am a complete germ-a-phobe and they totally totally totally gross me out. When I was little I literally refused to use them. I remember once my family was on vacation and spent a day on this island where there were port-o-potties and I seriously went the entire day in agony/about to pee my pants instead of using one, that’s how much I Hate them. I still do, I cringe and gag thinking about it, but on race day you gotta do what you gotta do and its all part of the process. Bummer that 1) its so hard for girls to pee outside and 2) you have to stay SO hydrated before a race and 3) have to get to the start line so early. They are inevitable.

-Ok and it gets sort of weird how open other athletes are about talking about all these things. It’s not unusual to talk about urine color and bowel movements in the same nonchalant way as talking about the weather.

So now that I have officially grossed everyone out and my friends probably have even less idea who I am anymore…here’s some fun stuff!

Next weekend I am doing a 150 mile bike ride! It raises money for MS and I’m on a team with a bunch of friends from my gym. It’s going to hurt. I can’t even imagine how my butt is going to feel. I don’t want to think about it. Ignorance is bliss. Anyway, I got my team jersey today and I LOVE IT. IT makes me feel so legit with the name and all the sponsors. I love being on a team 🙂

Ok, that’s that! My birthday is in a week! The big 2-4. I have a good post planned about how much can change in just one year! I was reflecting on that during my 3000 yard (yep, 3,000 yards. 60 laps, 120 lengths) super long swim this morning. Yep, cya guys then!