This has sure been a random week. Glad it’s over. A small sampling of random events include:

-my car breaking down in the middle of the road. I had no idea what to do and everyone was honking at me and shouting mean things so I just got out of the car and started crying until a nice family came by and said “sweetie its ok, do you need help?” and I sort of whimpered “yes please” and then they literally pushed my car down the street and off to the side. Looking back it was actually pretty cool.

-so then I got my alternator replaced (whatever that is!) and was driving home from work happy as can be. Just singing along to the radio smiling because I was done with work for the day and off for a 10 mile hill repeat workout. Then out of nowhere BOOM someone rear ends me, does one of those “oops!” faces when I made eye contact with him in the rear view mirror and then speeds off! Luckily there wasn’t even a scratch on my car but I sure hope my bike rack left a mark on his!

-speaking of bike racks….yesterday I pull into the garage and there is some guy working on the Batman movie (which has taken over downtown and made the traffic awful and pisses me off, though it is cool to see snow in August!) Anyway, I get out of the car and he goes to me “hey, where’d you get your rack?” To which I did not even know how to respond…my eyes just sort of bugged out and I was like ‘huh? my what?” and he goes “umm, your bike rack…I need to get one.” Oh…Ok, not like that makes the question much better…go to any bike store, it’s not that hard.

And switching gears (ha)to a different topic, let’s talk priorities. Since becoming addicted to triathlon I have noticed that my priorities are totally out of whack sometimes. Here are some examples:

– I have over $4,000 worth of bikes and cycling accessories in my living room right now. The hem also came out of my pants a few weeks ago and I literally stapled it back together because I am too cheap and lazy to go to the tailor to get it fixed.

– I spend hours and hours cleaning and taking care of my bikes yet I literally do not think my car has seen a carwash or a vacuum cleaner in over a year.

– I do 2-3 loads of laundry a week to wash all my workout gear yet I have a HUGE pile of clothes to take to the dry cleaner that will probably sit there for another 2 weeks minimum.

– I will happily run 10 miles or ride for 5 hours yet I take the elevator up 1 story at work.

And there are millions more examples but I gotta go ride my bike so those will have to wait for another day 🙂