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Hello there!

2014 is right around the corner and today is the first day back to structured training for me! As I mentioned, I had a glorious off season filled with lots of relaxation, fun exercise, and WINE! After talking to Coach Kim last week though, I’m excited to start training again, especially now that I’m part of Team Rev3 and have lots of fun races and goals lined up for next year! So without further ado….here is the race plan for 2014!

Spring Thaw 10 miler- Feb 22

Just a Short Run 13.1- March

Burgh 5k + 10k- April 27

Pittsburgh Marathon– May 4 —- my first standalone marathon!

Rev 3 Williamsburg Oly– June 15

Rev 3 West Virginia Oly– August 3

Rev 3 Cedar Point 70.3 – September 7

Columbus Half Marathon– October 19

So that’s the tentative plan! I definitely will be at some other Rev3 events volunteering and cheering for my teammates. I’m thinking Poconos and Quassy!

What races are you thinking about doing next year? If you’ve never done a Rev3 race I highly recommend that you try one! Rev3 is offering an all access pass again this year! For $1200 you can race as many Rev3 races as you want, and even better…you can share the pass with a friend! It’s an amazing deal!

As for my goals for next year…..I have a few!

1) Figure out my stomach issues. For the past 5 months or so I’ve been having terrible stomach issues: bloating, loud noises, pain, and other unpleasant problems. I’ve seen multiple doctors, gotten tons of blood work and other tests and samples that I’m blocking from my memory, colonoscopy, etc….and nobody can figure out the issue. Next up, I’m going to try an elimination diet in January…cutting out all possible inflammatory foods for a month and then slowly adding them back.

2) Read 1 book a month. Good for the brain and better than watching TV before bed

3) Pack my breakfast, lunch, and coffee for work 4 days/week. Healthier and cheaper!

4) Not slack on foam rolling and core work. Gotta stay injury free next year!

5) Finally, finally break the 2:00 half marathon barrier. I keep hovering around the 2:04-2:05 range and I know a sub-2 is possible. I’m aiming for Columbus…flat, fast, and cool weather=perfect

6) Break 6:30 for Cedar Point 70.3

7) Do 5 pull ups in a row

8) Spend more time with friends and family. Since I’m not doing a Full this year I want to make sure I have a good work/training/life balance

9)  Travel more! Should be easy with all my races plus a trip to Europe with the family. Also I desperately want to go to Napa Valley at some point and drink a lot of wine. Any takers?

10) Have fun! Don’t take training or life too seriously

What are your goals for next year?


2013 has been the best year in a very long time. It’s been a great year in my personal, professional, and athletic life. It’s the year I finished my first Full, PR’d pretty much every race I did, took some amazing vacations, made great memories, and of course, became a member of Team Rev3!

So, let’s see….


Rang in the New Year with Ray and friends

2012-12-31 20.24.43


Went to JAMAICA! 1 week in paradise with Ray

2013-03-20 20.32.09


Just a Short Run 13.1 to kick off racing for the year

2013-03-30 11.03.24


Just lots and lots of training


Finally PR’d my half marathon after trying for 3 years!

2013-05-05 09.41.51


My birthday!

MS 150 with Ray

2013-06-08 07.03.13

The Dam Tri

2013-06-25 20.19.56


Went to Michigan for family vacation

2013-07-06 10.49.55

Huge PR at Musselman


Savage Tri Camp in Deep Creek

Cheering Monica on at Ironman Mt. Tremblant

2013-08-16 09.28.18


Rev3 Cedar Point 140.6

2013-11-19 11.43.23


Columbus for Ray’s first Half Marathon

2013-10-20 10.19.11


A giant duck came to Pittsburgh!

2013-10-07 14.41.01


10 mile PR at the inaugural EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler



Jingle Bell 5K

2013-12-07 10.40.31

Can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

Exciting news!!! On Thursday night it was officially announced that I am a new member of the Team Rev3 for 2014!!


I am seriously SO excited about this! As you know, I am a huge fan of Rev3 and had an awesome experience at the Cedar Point Full a few months ago. I’m starting to get to know my teammates and everyone just seems amazing….very nice, accomplished, and fun. I am so honored to have been chosen as a team member.

I’ll be posting soon with my 2014 race plans once I talk it over with Coach Kim. The problem is I want to do all the Rev3 races next year. It will definitely be hard to choose!

What’s your race schedule like for next year?






I have enjoyed this off-season more than any other in the past. I think that is because this year I really worked hard and pushed all year. I know that I left it all out there on the courses throughout the year. I did all the hard work, and now, I deserved the rest. I earned it. And I was tired.

I had worked so hard the past 2 years. 2012 was filled with work, work, work, and as a result of a very disappointing DNF at my “A” race at the end of the season, I finished the year feeling discouraged, let down, and that my all that time was for nothing. Obviously, that’s not true since I grew so much mentally and physically during that year, but I didn’t realize it at the time. I had about 5 weeks “off” but couldn’t enjoy them. I wanted to get back into training and fight those demons asap. I was so worried the whole time about losing my fitness and gaining weight, and it resulted in me not enjoying my time off. Then 2013 came around and I got to work. I worked so, so hard all year and it paid off! In 2013 I PR’d my: 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, 70.3, and finished a Full. 

I took a week off after Cedar Point and then got back into a more run focused training for the Columbus half marathon (which I ran with a few friends) and was able to run the whole thing with Ray and cross the finish line with him for his first Half Marathon. A few weeks after that, in early November I PR’d the 10 mile distance, and then I was finally done. I ended the season so proud. I was happy and satisfied and ready to soak it all in. And this time around, I have enjoyed every second.

First, I slept for about a week straight. And then there was lots of celebrating: 


And BRUNCH! Brunch is one thing that I missed so much during training. With training for a full, there’s really no time for brunch since your weekends are full of swimming, biking, and running and there’s just no time for a leisurely morning of stuffing your face with pancakes and bacon and bloody mary’s 😉


 We also traveled a lot, which again, was hard to do during the season. 7 hour bike rides are tough to “squeeze” in. 




 It hasn’t all been boozing and sleeping though. I have been exercising but in a much more relaxed way. LOTS of yoga, strength training, and running with no watch, and sometimes dressed like an elf….


It’s been great to stay up past 9pm, eat and drink what I want, catch up with friends and family to whom I owe SO MUCH for their support throughout this crazy journey, cook and clean, not do laundry 3 times a week, wear real-people clothes on the weekend, etc.

That said though, the itch to train and race is coming back right on schedule. Official training with Coach Kim is starting January 1 and I am SO excited about next year. I’m starting to think about the race schedule and the goals and finally getting that sub-2:00 half marathon (PLEASE!) 2013 will definitely be a tough year to beat, but I have a great feeling that 2014 will do it!

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