Well January went by in a total blink of the eye! I’m not sure how that happened! 2014 isn’t off to quite the start that I had hoped for. January was a challenging month. Work has been totally crazy with more 7am-10pm nights than I want to admit. The only good part about that is that it helped get me back on the morning workout train. If I didn’t get a workout in first thing in the morning it probably wasn’t going to get done.

Speaking of getting back into training, that certainly was an adjustment! I took a very long (and necessary) off-season this year and while I did keep up with running, I let the swimming and biking fall to the wayside (as in, rode my bike maybe twice from September 9-January 1). I had to bribe myself with a new swimsuit to get back in the pool.

2013-12-08 11.59.59

I was tired and sore the first few weeks back into training but I’m starting to get some fitness back finally and I’m feeling more like myself. I had my first testing week of the year which fell at a tough time in the midst of crazy work hours and the tragic news of the passing of a Rev3 Teammate David Naelon. I am very sorry that I never had the chance to meet David in person because from what I’ve heard he was an absolutely amazing person. The support and love that was felt from the Rev3 team during that time was unbelievable and I feel so lucky to be around such wonderful people.

So the swim, bike, run zones are set and now it’s time to get to work! Hopefully with February will come some more excitement and blog worthy posts. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on keeping on, with the help of coffee, of course!

2013-12-21 10.42.59-2


Tomorrow it’s up bright and early to meet Coach Kim for some swimming. Even with my swimming hiatus during the off season I think that I’m in much better shape this year than I have been at the start of seasons past. We’ll see tomorrow!